Global warming hypocrite Schwarzenegger uses our military to bash Congress and Prop 23

Tonight ABC aired a Diane Sawyer interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger about what he hopes will be “his legacy” (more like “stain”) to California, which will be his kicking us off the Global Warming cliff.

As he bashes the “Evil Rich” and “Big Oil” about their carbon-spewing ways, he hopes you’ll forget or ignore the fact that he commutes nearly daily between his LA mansion and Sacramento on a private jet.

So Arnold goes about setting the stage for what he hopes will be a defeat on Prop 23;

“The same players are back trying to destroy our environmental policy,” Schwarzenegger, a Republican, told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer. “Now, the important thing is we push back, wipe out Proposition 23. … It’ll be one of the first times in a long time where oil companies, and the rich people who have polluted the world and have enriched themselves by doing that, have been pushed back.”

The governor also pointed to environmental successes in California, including ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gases, plans to build the largest solar electricity plant in the world and work to develop electric cars.

“The Chinese had outdone us. We built the biggest solar plant in 1980, then the Chinese came and outdid it because they’re always there to flex their muscles,” Schwarzenegger said. “Now, we’re going to outdo them… In California, we’re the biggest solar plants.”

Again, pay no attention to the fact that more jobs will be destroyed by his Global Warming policies and ambitions than would be created.

His use of the military to bash Congress is at 00:55

Oh and by the way, it’s not too late to help Prop 23 (hint hint).