Murkowski and her phone shenanigans

I’m at 35,000 feet on-board an airliner recently departed from Austin, Texas en-route to Orange County Airport, California and there’s a lot of time to kill. I started by reading Erick Erickson’s excellent book Red State Uprising but I couldn’t just sit still, I had to be active doing something, besides I’m just too jazzed about the events over the weekend.

I’ll have to recap everything later, but one thing had me (and many of the rest of us) worked up and angry going into Austin for the RedState Gathering was the…duplicitous? Good word (at least I’m able to use it without cussing out loud), along with self-serving, and destructive to the conservative cause Murkowski switch to a write-in independent candidacy for the open Alaska Senate seat formerly occupied by her father, and apparently willed to her by birthright by same.

I’m not going to get into the right v. wrong aspect of the switch; frankly I don’t care what anyone else who chooses to implode over the event thinks, I know what I think of her for making the switch, and I have a serious problem with some people I used to respect for defending her decision.

One person I know who is most definitely not defending Murkowski for her switch is Erick Erickson. What I heard him say I’ll not repeat here, nor would I repeat it anywhere near my grandmother, but suffice it to say I wholeheartedly agree with that part I actually heard

Erick and Tabitha Hale were “conspiring” in the presence of Caleb Howe when the word leaked out Murkowski had a conference call scheduled shortly with lobbyists and others, and a plan was hatched live before a like-minded group of conservatives who had just heard the likes of Texas Governor Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Nikki Hailey speak on conservative values and principles, none of which were evident in the actions taken by Murkowski over the last couple of days.

I was told simply “Grab your camera!” and off we ran to get into position cover the event. Erick was going to dial in to the Murkowski conference call live on speaker before the entire group and ask a simple question; “Why?”

Politico wrote it up the conference call here;

Organizers of the RedState Gathering were hoping to broadcast Murkowski’s comments to lobbyists over loudspeakers inside the Sheraton Austin Hotel conference room where bloggers convened. RedState’s Erick Erickson even planned to surprise the senator with a question.

But Murkowski apparently canceled the call after Politico reported that she was planning to hit up lobbyists (It’s also possible she changed the time or dial-in information for the call).

Yeah, we were disappointed the call didn’t work out as planned, but the point was made; Murkowski can run, but she won’t hide from her shady dealings.