Conservatives, want to elect Jerry Brown? How about Barbara Boxer?

So why are we spending all this energy rehashing the primaries? We are, I’m hearing the murmurs from a lot of people in California who are definitely conservative.

I’m no fan of Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman, and Poizner wasn’t sending thrills up my leg either, but that’s the breaks when money buys TV and radio ads, and the “Citizen Representative” of today can barely afford the TV much less the ad to put on it. Democrats get union money, and that’s just the way it is; it sucks, but there it is.

I am a huge fan of Chuck DeVore, I like him personally, and I really really wanted him to win the primary in June over Carly Fiorina.

Chuck DeVore graciously conceded the primary, and promptly endorsed his opponent Fiorina; he didn’t waste resources, and wouldn’t accept a write-in campaign. I wouldn’t have supported him if he had, as it would’ve simply gotten Boxer an easier win.

Some fellow DeVore devotees are to this day saying they won’t vote for Fiorina; her campaign so angered them they’d sooner write in Mickey Mouse than give their vote to her. What’s that accomplish?

It accomplishes a Barbara Boxer fourth term as Senator, period. Why?

When DeVoree lost I wondered “what the heck is wrong with this state?” Don’t these people see?

Well, no they didn’t see, and that was because it was rarely on television; money wasn’t there for DeVore to tell his story. Look at the money;





Carly Fiorina (R)




Chuck Devore (R)




More on money;

Fiorina had to spend over $5.5 million of her own money to get herself over the top, plus having the NRSC pulling for her (while denying it) didn’t hurt either.

This not even counting Tom Campbell, whom you can look at for yourself. Now look at who the winner of the GOP Primary is up against;

Boxer’s “self-financing” probably consisted of buying dinner thinking the campaign would pay, then finding out she couldn’t do that so…who knows?

This is just (part of) the financing; the Democrat union machine stands ready to take their member’s dues and give it to any Democrat who toes their line; and almost all do just that.

Up against this machine full of robots that only pull the (D) lever no matter how bad the candidate is, is us. They can pay people on welfare a little extra cash to hold signs, union people on unemployment to walk precincts, Hollywood actors between gigs to make paid appearances, options galore. We on the other hand work, pay our own way to help candidates in phone banks, use vacation days if we have them to attend rallies and candidate events like precinct walks, and there’s damn few of us to do it. We donate $25 or $30 a pay period if we’re not short for some reason that week; we’re not much but it’s all that stands between the radical leftists that have infested the Democrat party and freedom. When we start splintering off because we don’t like the candidate we have, it’s over. Remember Ross Perot?

Yeah, it may suck to have a two-party system with some of the choices that gives us, but it is what it is and November elections are 57 days away. You may or may not be thrilled with the GOP and some of the squishes therein, but they are the only party with anywhere near the numbers and money necessary to pull our country out of its dive. And November is just the start remember, the left has had years to pull this off; it’ll take time to reverse it as well.

Figure it this way, if we manage to give Congress back to the GOP, it’ll be two years of the Democrat/Obama blame game accusing the GOP of wanting to “do nothing” until 2012 when hopefully we can replace Obama with (again hopefully) a conservative. Assuming we’ve managed to keep Congress in GOP hands to actually reverse this mess, they’ll need a filibuster-proof majority; 2014 maybe just to really get started?

Being realistic, if the GOP blows it again, it’s over; it’ll take a decade if not longer to bring some third party up to anywhere near where it’ll need to be to have any real power in Congress, so getting those ideas out of our heads right now, today may be the best thing you can do for your country. We have to get behind the candidates we have now, regardless of what we may think of them personally.

Carly Fiorina, get behind her and help her beat Boxer.

Meg Whitman, get behind her and keep Jerry Brown from finishing the mess he started.

If either of them gets squishy after elected to their respective offices, we’ll worry about it then. Meanwhile, swallow your bile if necessary and just do it; I had to, you do too.

Unless, that is, you want Brown or Boxer to keep their jobs?