Meet Jeff Taylor, candidate running against "Oceans Grab" Sam Farr (D CA-17)

Sam Farr, called one of the “Most Dangerous Democrats“, has been in office since 1993-a long time. Too long, in fact. His voting record closely matches his affiliation with the American Socialists of America, one of grubbing for more government power, massive spending, with higher taxes to attempt to cover it. A real Nancy’s Boy, in other words.

Most recently, Michelle Malkin found him grabbing the living ocean from fishermen;

Democrats have tried and failed to pass “comprehensive” federal oceans management legislation five years in a row. The so-called “Oceans 21? bill, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Sam Farr of California, went nowhere fast. Among the top reasons: bipartisan concerns about the economic impact of closing off widespread access to recreational fishing. The bill also would have handed environmentalists another punitive litigation weapon under the guise of “ecosystem management.” Instead of accepting defeat, the green lobby simply circumvented the legislative process altogether.

In late July, President Obama established a behemoth 27-member “National Ocean Council” with the stroke of a pen. Farr gloated: “We already have a Clean Air Act and a Clean Water Act. With today’s executive order, President Obama in effect creates a Clean Ocean Act.” And not a single hearing needed to be held. Not a single amendment considered. Not a single vote cast. Who gives a flying fish about transparency and the deliberative process? The oceans are dying!

The panel will have the power to implement “coastal and marine spatial plans” and to ensure that all executive agencies, departments and offices abide by their determinations. The panel has also been granted authority to establish regional advisory committees that overlap with existing regional and local authorities governing marine and coastal planning.

So not only does Farr advocate for bigger government, he doesn’t want to even debate it, just do it by Regal Obama fiat. Like fishing in the ocean? Too bad, Farr doesn’t, and you can’t either.

Sam Farr needs to join the ranks of the unemployed he’s helping create.

Running against the documented Socialist is a man named Jeff Taylor. From his campaign site bio;

In 1993, Jeff established Living Soils Compost Company, and produced high-quality soil amendments and promoted sustainable farming practices.  This led to the formation of Deco Rock, which ran successfully for 8 years, before selling.

Jeff in Field

Currently, he operates two businesses, Heritage Farms and Heritage Development.  Other projects include work with youth ministries, and promoting sustainable land development. He is a candidate for the 17th Congressional District representative, a post now held by Sam Farr.

Jeff’s main concerns for our district, state and nation include enrichment of the family unit, through stronger support systems, education and security.

Jeff and his wife Paula are the proud parents of three children.

Jeff is a farmer, business person, and the left hates him for supporting Prop 8, what more could you ask for?

If you’re in the Salinas area, you can meet Jeff on August 26, and on Facebook you can meet him here.


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