Attention NYC Construction Trades

You’ve no doubt heard the crapola about the guy who want to build a mosque near the WTC site where many of you no doubt spent a hell of a lot of time picking through the rubble trying to find someone alive. Afterward, you picked through the same rubble trying to clear the site, finding parts of people who were killed by Islamic terrorists who struck at the heart of NYC with a dagger as they slipped their knife into the USA.

Like most of us, you were good and pissed off at those that did this to us. I’m sure most of you saw through the attempts by a few to blame the USA instead of the nutcases who actually hate Americans, and the other idiots who said “Bush ordered the attacks and Cheney flew the planes by remote control, and…and…never mind all the missing passengers and planes!”

You know who wanted to do us in.

You also know that not all who are Muslim are terrorists, but most who are terrorists just happen to be of the faith of Islam, though they have managed to pervert the faith to their own ends, much like whackos such as Jim Jones and David Koresh twisted Christianity.

The people who are trying to build the mosque near WTC, well, if you haven’t gone much beyond just the NY Times or the evening news with whatever talking head is propped up there tonight, chances are you haven’t heard the whole story.

There’s a pretty good chance that this isn’t just “another mosque” out of many, like they’re saying it is. If (and it’s not very likely by now) you don’t know the whole story, read this when you get a few minutes.

If you know what’s going on, you may be called to go to work at the mosque site, and things are tough all over, I’m sure it’s as bad in NYC as it is in California for construction right about now. Hey, nobody could blame you for taking a job there if the union hall calls you. You have to put food on the table, right?

It’s an important building; hey they’re planting the “flag of Islam” near Ground Zero, what could be more important than that? It’ll be important to take your time and do the job right. But, do make sure you put your time to good use, wouldn’t want any cost overruns or delays.

Also, I know a pork chop sandwich or baby back ribs are awesome in the lunchbox, but after all, it is a mosque, you want to make sure you get all your trash picked up after lunch and break, wouldn’t want any stray pork products accidentally getting stuck in the walls or buried somewhere under the foundation, would we?

And rumors about pig’s blood in the mortar mix, I hope there isn’t a respectable union hand who’d even consider such nonsense.

Well, if the mosque absolutely has to be built near Ground Zero, and you do end up on that particular site, I hope you stay employed for a good long time before the job comes to an end, and whoever’s really financing the construction of that particular mosque gets more for their money than they ever thought possible.