Little pieces of tyranny

Change is upon our great country, it was promised, and delivered as promised, by the Democrat Party. It’s here, it’s real, and it’s changing our landscape today as effectively as locusts once affected crops; devouring everything and potentially leaving nothing recognizable or usable in its wake.

Change; change for the sake of change? Good intentioned but misguided change that means well but doesn’t see the consequences?


Sinister change; change for the sake of control.

We’re being set up.

And for the record, no I don’t blame Obama, nor do I blame the color of his skin, or even his middle name. I don’t even think he’s in charge; just the expedient means to an end. A tool, being wielded by other…forces let’s just say.

Like the dark clouds of Mordor, many saw this “Change™” sweeping in from afar and rang the alarm bells, bells that were ignored buy all but a few. Even to this day, the alarms are dismissed as “racist fear-mongering” and worse, marginalized to the point of ridicule by some; some but not all.

Against this foul wind of change stood one party with the numbers and power to slow or stop it; the Republicans.

A beaten, demoralized party, a party that had mostly lost its way for various reasons, but they were the bulwark we expected to hold the line until more numbers could be gathered. We waited.

Bailouts were passed giving one branch of government near total control; another piece of tyranny.

Stimulus was passed; one party rule as the GOP stood against it, yet again another little piece of tyranny.

When Health Care Reform was attempted, the GOP seemed to falter, stutter. They tried to hold the line, but failed and it passed; another piece.

Now the wind blows even harder, more missteps, more of them falter, three bend and then fall. More pieces falling into place, and still the wind blows even harder.

On the horizon are wave after wave approaching us, who will hold the shields when so many are faltering?

We will; it’s up to you and me. We are the often untapped and much maligned resource that the GOP still isn’t used to having around.

We are there in the various Tea Party groups, leaderless, but not rudderless. We steer always toward the Constitutional principles this nation was founded upon. The left will use its Alinsky tactics; they will call us “racist” when they run out of any other ideas, but we know their playbook now, and it bounces off.

How do we steer the GOP toward those founding principles? Take the Tea Party one step further;

There’s an old saying in environmental law: “The solution to pollution is dilution.” It applies to politics, too. The solution to political pollution is dilution. We need to dilute the power of the libturds by increasing the number of good, decent, conservative Americans in the real ball game of politics. In that way we can change the outcome of the upcoming elections. We can decrease the pollution of politics by the libturds by increasing the number of good, decent conservative Americans in politics – and by politics, I mean party politics; that is, actually participating INSIDE the Republican Party itself. More-

It takes you and me to sweep those little pieces of tyranny into the dung heap if history where they belong;

IF we good, decent, conservative Americans UNITE POLITICALLY INSIDE the Republican Party, and with the campaigns of good, decent conservative Republican candidates, and help get out the vote like never before for them, we will take back the House and the Senate and put the brakes on Opuppet and his libturd cohorts who write his teleprompter speeches.

Read this, and then go here.

It’s not over; it’ll never be over, as long as guys like this are defending our freedoms abroad, we’ll defend theirs at home.

And swing the rally monkey at Brown, Snowe, and Collins every chance you get. They really need to know who’s side they’re on, and what damage they’re doing.