Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch, USMC(ret) could use a little assistance

Even in days like these when you think nothing could surprise you, something does. A local California paper this Saturday posted a political cartoon attacking a local candidate for his looks. Was it his skin color? Noooo….

Nick Popaditch is a medically retired United States Marine who served from 1986 until forced to retire in 2005 after wounds received in the Battle for Fallujah.

After retiring Popaditch attended San Diego State University, working to get his teaching credentials. Somehow that wasn’t enough, and he decided to run for Congress (CA-51).

Then things apparently started to get weird. A political cartoon appeared Saturday July 10 in the Imperial Valley Press that caused no small amount of anger among their readership.

Via Blackfive;

When you jump into the political ring, you know (and Nick and April Popaditch know) that politics can get dirty. You expect attacks on your politics, your conduct of your life, etc.

But you don’t expect the media to attack you war wounds with an editorial cartoon…you don’t really expect a blatant disrespect for your service…like this cartoon that appeared in Saturday’s (July 10th) edition of the Imperial Valley Press.

Seriously, read the rest, then go here and help Gunny Popaditch go to DC. I did and it was painless, same donation system Chuck DeVore used, in fact.