Scott Brown is STILL a Tea Party win, he's just become "disposable" now

There’s a lot of gnashing of teeth today over Senator Scott Brown joining the ranks of joining the Democrat Underground of Snowe and Collins in supporting the Left’s “financial overhaul” bill.

Snowe even spewed her usual “We Have To Do Something(c)” bs;

“While not perfect, the legislation takes necessary steps to implement meaningful regulatory reforms, create strong consumer protections and restore confidence in the American financial system,” Snowe said in a statement Monday evening.

Well, the Maine Twins we have come to expect this from, but did anyone really that Scott Brown was a “Conservative”? Even local papers in MA. called him, at best, a “moderate”.

The left is full of glee today at how Scott Brown is giving the Tea Party “buyer’s remorse“, but here’s something a knucklehead like Adam Sorensen writing for Time’s blog section will never comprehend, and something those who supported Brown need to remember; Scott Brown is still a Tea Party win, and we need to rub their noses in it.

The Tea Party snatched what the Democrats took for granted was “their” seat in perpetuity, and forced them in panic to show their true colors when it came to Health Care Deform. They actually considered as viable the Deem and Pass option;

…once upon a time they taught that under the U.S. Constitution a bill had to pass both the House and Senate to become law. Until this week, that is, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving to merely “deem” that the House has passed the Senate health-care bill and then send it to President Obama to sign anyway.

Scott Brown today remains more likely to be swayed by reason than his Democrat opponent ever would have been, and probably easier even than the Moron Twins in Maine (Senators Collins and Snowe). As a friend recently told me; “I think the soft bigotry of low expectations is in order with MA. [Sen Scott Brown].”

That said, my friend also said; “Even if Brown is a disappointing squish, we really NEED his vote now.”

Yes we do, and he needs to be reminded of that, especially now.

I’m not saying anyone has to pretend to support or even like Scott Brown, I’m just saying he’s still better than any alternative would have been given the circumstances You didn’t waste any money you may have donated to his campaign (unless you actually thought he was a “true Conservative”, in which case Fool Me Once applies), any more than you wasted money you may have spent buying a Bic lighter that is now empty. It served its purpose. If you get a spark out of it on occasion, great! Keep it around, even though it may annoy the crap out of you most of the time, until you have to chance to replace it.

Then throw it away.

Hey! Here’s a happy coincidence, Scott Brown and Barack Obama are up for re-election at the same time; 2012.