Wannabe Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown sounds like more of the same leftist lunacy

Via NewsBusters with a h/t to Pat Dollard;

If former California Gov. Jerry Brown, now once again a candidate for governor of California really wants to be sort of a unifier as he says, he might want to watch how he refers to some of his constituents.

On MSNBC’s July 9 “Hardball,” Brown was interviewed by host Chris Matthews and was asked how he could make all the unions in California work together in a political way. (h/t @HayleyMcConnell)

“How do you deal with the kick-butt unions out there?” Matthews said. “They’re really tough. You have the correction officers, you got the police, you got the teachers, the nurses. These are tough, strong well-funded units that are politically cohesive. They took down Gov. [Arnold] Schwarzenegger when he tried to take them down. How do you make them work? How do you get them to serve the public and make reasonable compensation?”

What more damage does Jerry think he can do this time as opposed to last time? Well, he also in the Hardball clip mentioned “seizing the assets of California”, but I’m sure he didn’t mean that like it sounded.

Did he?

Note to Meg; don’t sound anything remotely like this guy and you’ll take it in a landslide.