"Jealous" of Tea Party success? The NAA[L]CP Social Justice Express starts tomorrow

Race hustlers Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are headlining what will be an effort to recapture “the good old days” of the 2008 campaign by the NAACP at their annual convention starting tomorrow in Kansas City.

Also there will be Michelle “I’m Proud of My Country for the First Time” Obama to discuss childhood obesity and no doubt glare angrily at anyone seen eating that good KC barbecue.

It seems there’s yet another gap which needs closing;

“We have to close the enthusiasm gap and remind people that the majority that existed two years ago still exists today,” said Ben Jealous, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in a phone interview.

Since the presidential election, the tea party has emerged, espousing a political philosophy of less government, a free market, lower taxes, individual rights and political activism.

An interesting addition to the convention will be a group from Wells Fargo who was sued by the NAACP and subsequently had their case dropped after agreeing in part to allow the NAACP to review their lending practices. Wells Fargo will be speaking about modifying loan terms, I assume this will be a how-to seminar.

Also in the schedule are personnel from the Department of Justice;

NAACP leaders and representatives from various federal agencies, including the Department of Justice and Housing and Urban Development, will talk about new efforts to improve civil-rights enforcement. Starting this week, the NAACP is launching a system called “All Allert” that will provide a way for witnesses and victims of police misconduct or hate crimes to report directly from their cell phone.

I assume they will also be informing their members how to properly “Intimidate Other Than Colored” voters and have your charges dismissed or dropped?

The schedule [pdf] reads like a virtual manifesto of leftist dogma;

-Economic Justice:
“Advocating for Fair
Opportunities to Bridge the
Wealth Gap”

-Climate Change – “Green
Jobs: A Lifeboat in the
Unemployment Storm” [A boat with holes unless Obama gets his Cap and Tax rammed through.]

There’s more, but it’s too depressing to include. The NAACP could actually be a benefit to its community if it were actually grounded in reality instead of tied to the socialist dogma of those who’ve been successful in steering it to the rocky shoals of the left.

Victims with the entitlement mentality can never hope to succeed without taking the lazy way of stealing from others who are more successful by taxation, and the hustlers who propagate that mentality, well you see how they rose to the top; by feeding that mentality, keeping their people in slums so they are perpetually angry, and stoking the anger by polarization and blame.

Well, here’s the schedule so you can see what’s coming in advance;