Here's how we do better, support people like Allen West for Congress

Lt. Col. Allen West, candidate for Congress (FL-22), gave another of his patented awesome speeches on July 3, where he not only called out the Democrat spy brigades, (who slink and weasel around Gollum-like looking for a GOP candidate to misspeak or otherwise slip up), he also blasted Sheryl Crow for dismissing Tea Party activists as being “uneducated”, “angry”, and “dangerous”.

He took on Pete Stark for his moronic attack on his own constituents and stupidity when it comes to our Southern border.

Best of all, West took on the generational racism ingrained in the Democrat Party for destroying whole neighborhoods and cities with their “Liberal social welfare policies”, and what they did to his own neighborhood back in Atlanta, Ga. Calling Democrat efforts to rein in blacks who disagree with their leftist policies “a 21st Century Plantation where they continue to destroy future generations”.

Most importantly, he reminded everyone we “only have four months” until November…

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