July 4th and I'm in shock...we've gotta do better than this....

Why are so many people in this country disconnected from this country? They are totally clueless about where we come from as a country…

Via Morrissey;

Leno nails it at the end, from Grandpa down comes the history of this country. We’ve at some point been dumbed down hard. This is all stuff I was raised with, and I can’t imagine at what point it stopped being taught to our kids.

And a “College Professor” doesn’t even know!

I can properly guess why it’s not being emphasized in schools though. If the people of this country don’t know how much sweat and blood was shed to create our nation, they won’t defend it from tyranny. Wonder how so many could just blindly follow one empty suit all the way to the Presidency?

One thing I’m going to be doing tonight is nobody lights off any fireworks unless they can answer a few questions about why we’re lighting them off.

Got that oh daughter O mine?? You still have time to study.



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