Again, it all rests with the people of California

I noted yesterday that the possibility exists we can stall the draconian CARB rules (AB-32) a couple years to give affected businesses a chance to recover from the sledgehammer blow already dealt them by the nearly submerged economy. There is now an initiative on the November ballot to allow the people opportunity to forestall the damage our one party state has inflicted on us. Not only did it qualify for the November ballot, it gathered more than 800,000 signatures out of the required 430,000. The people are speaking.

While it’s important to be good stewards of our environment, AB-32 did it at the expense of our livelihoods;

The case for imminent and man-caused climate change was flimsy enough before the charlatans at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Britain’s Climate Research Unit, among other global warm-mongers, were found manipulating data in perhaps the greatest scam of all time to justify what amounts to a climate dictatorship. But job loss tips the scales.

In the middle of a jobless recovery and in the aftermath of multiple failed stimulus packages, Californians and indeed most Americans are in no mood to sing “kumbaya” in the unemployment line as energy lies unexploited, and factories and power plants close or never open in the name of saving the planet.

This potential temporary reversal also offers our California leadership candidates a chance to stand with the people instead of in our way.

Meg Whitman has said she favors suspending the global warming law for one year, but hasn’t yet come out in favor of the California Jobs Initiative while Governor Schwarzenegger has not only come out against the initiative, he’s using the left’s language in his arguments.

Now would be a good time to show some support for this initiative, as the CARB rules are causing damage here;

A 2009 study by economists at the California State University at Sacramento commissioned by the California Small Business Roundtable found AB32 would eliminate 900,000 jobs due to increased costs to consumers and 1.1 million jobs due to increased costs on small business as AB32 caused energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket,” as President Obama once put it.

The study put the cost of AB32 at $49,691 per small business in California. For households, the estimated cost is $3,857 a year. Statewide that translates to $52 billion in added burdens for California families.

Meg Whitman needs to know she’s not only up against Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown; she’s up against a standing California “GOP” Governor and needs to present a clear alternative to the destructive policies he seems to favor.

Meg also needs to know that on a state level, she’s our only hope to stand in the breech and block more of this insanity from rolling down on our heads. Maybe go here and let her know.

This is going to affect us all nationwide before long when Cap N Tax gets put back on the front burner, so California voters also need to make the sane choice of Carly Fiorina over Babs “Yes Ma’am” Boxer; she claims to be a “Conservative”, now let’s see her go ahead and be one.