Sitting next to the US Border Patrol in a restaurant is like eating with the KKK

A leftist activist named Elena Herrada (anybody that went to the University of Michigan, she’s your baby!) seems to think there is just no use for Border Patrol. She gets applause, too, but consider it is Detroit, that great Northern Liberal utopia…

Via Verum Serum, with yet another h/t to Levin*;

…this is not some fringe liberal gathering. The US Social Forum is a MAJOR gathering of radical liberal activists (i.e. socialists), community organizers, and union leaders. Their slogan is “another world is possible, another U.S. is necessary”. Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Danny Glover were among those I spotted in other video clips…and I believe Bertha Lewis and Van Jones will be in attendance as well. This could very well be the most important leftist conference this year.

*Yes I was on the road hauling all day, so had plenty of time for teh eeevillll talk radio. Actually, I’m at McD’s with free wi-fi devouring stuff that Obama clearly wouldn’t approve of.