California ignores lessons learned in Los Angeles with boycott idiocy

The City of Los Angeles is fast learning the laws of unintended consequences with regard to their idiotic boycott of Arizona;

As expected, the city of Los Angeles showed just how committed it is to its boycott of Arizona.

On a 13-0 vote, the LA City Council on Wednesday decided to exempt the city’s red-light camera program from its shunning of all things Arizona.

The red-light cameras are run by Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions.

Even with the reality of an unenforceable boycott being passed in Los Angeles that is costing the city possibly tens of thousands of dollars in delays and extra research required to dig into every contract, now the State of California wants to play the game too;

Dozens of California lawmakers are pushing to make their state the first in the nation to impose an across-the-board boycott on Arizona over its immigration law — though the state’s largest city just voted to selectively scale back its boycott after local lawmakers realized it could backfire.

Bearing in mind that California is near a state of bankruptcy, it seems beyond idiotic that even as a state budget is due, instead they’re playing political games.

Oh yeah! One party rule.