The California Governor's race needs one of these

Not saying a woman couldn’t do it, just doubtful if the woman GOP candidate in the race today can. Same goes for the man.

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner seem to me to be two people looking for significance in their lives, much like Carly Fiorina in the Senate race. They have the money, and had power once and would like power again. Real leadership is missing, and all we can hope for is to stop the massive catastrophe that would be Jerry Brown.

Standing up to the left. California is and has been legislated solidly from the left, and how’s that been working out?

If you doubted that California’s fiscal picture could get any bleaker, see last week’s revenue notice from Controller John Chiang. He announced that California had missed its April tax revenue target by 26%, or $3.6 billion.

The announcement more than wiped out four months of ahead-of-plan tax receipts in the state, and dashed legislators’ hopes that strong tax receipts would eat away at the state’s $20 billion budget gap. As a result, California’s need to bring revenues and expenditures into line has become more urgent than ever. The handful of other states that have already reported April revenue figures are generally also showing shortfalls, though not quite at this level of severity.

Once again, the solid left pins its hopes on anticipated income with no plan [realistic plan, anyway] whatsoever for what happens if that falls through.

The analysts are all over the place with explanations for this, but shortfalls should’ve been expected with businesses and taxpayers heading for greener pastures in other states and overseas;

* The Alliance Company moved its headquarters from San Juan Capistrano to Colorado Springs in 2009.
* California State Automobile Association transferred 100 jobs from San Francisco starting in 2004 to Colorado Springs, where it then went on to create 400 new jobs.
* Glassical Designs moved from Irvine to Colorado Springs in 2006.
* Quantum Corporation, with a headquarters in San Jose and a facility in Irvine, expanded in Colorado Springs in 2007 with 90 new jobs there.
* Telematrix moved a facility from the San Francisco Bay Area to Colorado Springs in 2007.
* Term 101 Insurance moved its headquarters from Thousand Oaks in Ventura County to Colorado Springs in 2007.

There are more companies being added to the list all the time, and can be viewed here. Also, if you learn of more departures from California, Joseph Vranich appreciates tips.

Bottom line; California is swirling around the toilet bowl circling closer to the bottom where there may be no return. We need a leader.

Seen one lately?

Here’s a clue; the leadership we need looks like this;