A preview of tomorrow's/yesterday's California GOP Senate primary debate

Yesterday (Friday) at the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance, Chuck DeVore, Tom Campbell, and Carly Fiorina faced each other in a debate where the candidates were anything but tolerant of of one another;

Although occasional pot shots were taken at Campbell for being too liberal, the most heated exchanges were between DeVore and Fiorina, with DeVore pushing hard to establish himself as the only true conservative in the room.

Which he was (in my opinion anyway).

Fiorina, as usual, complains Chuck is “misrepresenting her”;

“Chuck DeVore usually gets his facts wrong about me,” Fiorina said after the debate. “I have been consistent in saying I don’t support amnesty, but until the federal government secures the border, there can’t be anything else to talk about.”

Read the above quote again. Either Jessica Terrell of the OC Register mis-quoted Fiorina, Carly flubbed her line, or she can’t think of anything else but amnesty. Hrmmm…

Tomorrow you’ll be able to see the whole thing on ABC at 11am PDT.

Here’s a sample;

By the way, rules for “The Drinking Game” are here, which are somewhet pro-Carly (they came from Carly flack Julie Soderlund), but as noted in the comments;

If Carly Fiorina says she knows how to “create jobs” the last person in the room to shout “yeah, in India” must finish their drink.