Still MORE Us versus Them protests, the Left Agenda on full display

Yesterday I posted a video which was put out by secularstupidest.com (whose web site and blog are being re-vamped at the moment and the url now points to their EBay site). The video showed some of the differences between “their” protests (which are covered by the media, and heavily edited to appear peaceful) and “our” protests (which are mom and pop affairs, but yet the media goes out of its way to show us as Nazis and the like).

The May Day protests over the weekend, if you watched the evening news, were peaceful affairs with “concerned immigrants” gathering together with their families to protest the “racist” people of the State of Arizona who, fed up with their border insurrection, pushed their legislators to “do something”.

The “something” was in the form of the now often discussed and much maligned SB-1070 (full text here), which has fired the ire of leftists all over the globe, seemingly, bringing out the race hustlers who swarmed like bees to honey to the nearest microphones they could find to denounce the citizens of Arizona as being “racist” and “anti-immigrant”, which the media of course happily goes along with in its daily pre-approved talking points broadcasts.

The truth about the “family gatherings” over the May 1 weekend was somewhat glossed over, you might have noticed. I myself thought “Wow, guess the illegal aliens protesters finally learned from their mistakes in years past, waving flags of other countries around and demanding things!”

Then I waited for the other shoe to drop, and drop it did.

This morning Michelle Malkin brought a few facts and photos together to show us what occurred in some areas;

They came, they saw, they threatened or committed violence in the name of open borders and workers’ rights. But alas, Frank Rich and Paul Krugman’s columns decrying the insane rage and hate of the May Day angry mob got lost in the mail.

Also, via Malkin, a New Yorker was headed to a concert at NYU and stumbled into Reconquiste América in all it’s glory (or was it violent “teabaggers?);

About an hour later we were heading to a concert on the NYU campus, and started walking down Broadway toward Astor Place. We started hearing lots of police sirens all at once, and then looked straight ahead. There were young guys with baseball bats and Che signs pinned to their backpacks running down the street smashing store windows, all on the west side of Broadway. We stopped dead on a corner, because there were police cars coming from so many different directions the street lights were rendered meaningless. As soon as we stopped, about 6 NYPD units pulled up to our exact corner and the cops jumped out and tackled two of the vandals literally TWO FEET in front of me. Some other officers arrived, jumped out of their cars, and started a crazy foot pursuit of another guy who started running in zig-zags down the middle of Broadway. They tackled him as well, in the middle of the freakin’ street, as cars kept almost hitting everyone involved. It happened incredibly quickly. There were tons of eyewitnesses, and I even saw a few people videotaping, but of course I can’t find mention of this incident anywhere online or in the media. We had about five minutes to get to the concert, so stopping and gawking wasn’t an option. We just kept walking, tried to get away from the whole mess. But we could see and hear police interviewing plenty of witnesses, and heard people say “they just kept breaking windows”, and saw the perps with their faces in the pavement for ourselves. I could describe them to you, but that would be utterly and totally racist.

Better not to say, you may be quoted and there go your Presidential chances.

Today, Glenn Beck (via Patriots Network) brings it home and ties it together with (who knew) SEIU and Friends.

The May Day protests around the country were organized in a surprisingly short amount of time, Beck says, considering the bill was signed into law just last week. What he may be forgetting is the protests were already scheduled since last year, the bill signing just brought out the mom and pop protesters. The crazies were already coming. Or maybe I have that backwards? Sooo fuzzy these days seeing through all their astroturf.

The differences between “Us” and “Them” are apparent to anybody seeing the truth, where it is shown.


Evil: amoral, corrupt, depraved, hateful, malevolent, malicious, unprincipled, vicious, malice, black-hearted. Right now I see many words almost interchangeable with any of the definitions or associated words.


Good: enjoyable, appropriate, delightful, esteemed, nice, right, decent, noble, valid, and wonderful. That list goes on and on.

One thing police don’t have to worry about at a Tea Party: getting hit in the head from behind by a bottle or brick.

In fact, police don’t generally want to get too close to Tea Party protesters, have you noticed? I believe they agree with us for the most part and if they get to talking, they may say something somebody on the left would hear and…well it’s better to be apolitical. It’s required, in fact.

Hard to say when or even if we’ll ever get the truth from the Lame Stream Media, even though the truth does get better ratings, but my good friend penguin explains our continuing education in these matters;

You know that saying that revolves around “knowing something when you see it?” I think that is what has happened to many of us. I have not looked for evil, almost didn’t recognize it, but now I know it when I see it.