Carly Fiorina swings left?

First Carly Fiorina in an interview with Wolfie Blitzer on CNN’s The Situation Room
angered the left;

Carly Fiorina just lost the Latino vote in the California Senate race

Continuing the run of stupid statements made by GOP representatives, we have Carly Fiorina. (As a note before this blogger continues, it’s important to get out of the way that Carly Fiorina’s successful battle against Breast Cancer is an inspiration to others suffering from this awful problem. I wish Fiorina continued success in that area, but not in politics.)

In a grilling of an interview by Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s The Situation Room, Carly Florina [sp], running against U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in an election battle for Boxer’s California seat in The Senate, said that she understood and supports Arizona’s controversial illegal immigration law.

Now the catch is Carly didn’t say “I support and understand” in one sentence, she danced around the admission but then after Blitzer pressed her finally said “I understand why Arizona” passed the law and said it was because of “fear and frustration.” Carly agreed with Wolf’s question that she supports the law, but then really quickly said the problem was the Federal Government’s patrol of the boarder or lack of same.

It seemed that Carly knew she was wading into an area that would get her into trouble so she was talking carefully, but not carefully enough.

Carly should have said “I don’t back Arizona.”

No, she shouldn’t have said that. First, the GOP needs to understand they didn’t have the “Latino vote” in the California Senate race, and they’ll never get it. Until and unless they GOP comes to stand for freebies from government, open borders, and amnesty, they need to concentrate more on core conservative principles and less on appealing to some voting block or another.

Perhaps Fiorina, mistakenly believing that she’d lose the Latino vote she never had to begin with, panicked when interviewed by Politico just afterward [my bolding];

But when asked in an interview with POLITICO if Republicans needed to make any changes in their approach to the growing Hispanic community, Fiorina replied, “There has been a very unfortunate racist tone that has emerged in a lot of the discussion about immigration and that’s inexcusable. We must be a country that welcomes legal immigrants to this country. We must be a country that recognizes that we have industries like agriculture that have depended on temporary migrant labor for generations.”

Yes, there in fact has been “an unfortunate racist tone”, but that comes from the amnesty demanding left. We do in fact welcome legal immigrants to the United States, but apparently not as quickly as they demand in a world where inconvenience is an outrage.

If in fact Fiorina meant to say the “racist tone” comes from the left, she needs to clarify that, but as it stands, it looks to me like she’s talking about people who only want what’s fair to those who came here legally, and what’s right by the laws of this country.

She meant the GOP needs to “tone it down” on their “racist overtones”. She meant us