Does the Christian Right have a home?

My wife had a computer problem recently, the blue screen of death (BSOD) would stop things dead and force her to restart the computer. Of course, whatever she was doing at the time was toast, be it EBay, Farmville, or loading her IPod.

It was distressing, to say the least.

If I’ve learned one thing about computer problems, it’s that someone somewhere has had the same problem and found a way to fix it; you just have to find that person online in a post someplace and try what they did.

Was I successful? Well, I found people who had similar problems, but the answer was always different, and none worked for us.

I nuked it. I deleted the partition (tech stuff, bear with me) and created a new one, put Windows on that, and started the whole thing over from scratch.

See, Windows over a period of time gets clogged with gunk; remnants of old programs, orphaned files, bits of malware, whatever your history on the internet, it’s there filling the toilet and sometimes you just have to flush it and start over.

We did, and though she lost a great chunk of her old life, we saved the pictures but lost her music, old emails, internet favorites, stuff like that. Like pushing a “clear” button, we purged the unnecessary and rebuilt the vital.

Life took a similar turn for me back in 1990 or ’91; garbage in my life had been building up, and was reaching toxic levels.

I had been a biker (not the 1%er type, but still I was with a rough crowd) after leaving active duty in ’82, and while not going into details I’ll say that it wasn’t a life conductive to bringing up kids for me.

I discovered a little church in the Old Town where I live, and felt compelled to go in there and see what was drawing me there.

In there I met a cross-section of America, people like me looking for answers, people who had been there for years and already found their answers, people who loved their country but basically were citizens of something different that I’ve been years pondering and trying to unravel.

I met Edward Atsinger (Allahpundit’s new boss) who was just some guy who went to church at the same place I did until he stepped in to fill the pastor’s shoes one Sunday and blew me away with his story of going from rags to riches, but still somehow maintaining a stable foundation spiritually. I wanted me some of that.

Well, here I sit some twenty years later. Nope, didn’t get much of that, (starting on my second million, since I gave up on my first) but I did wind up with a wonderful family, and I’d like them to at least have a chance to make their way forward in the world, such as it is.

I love my country. I’ve spent nearly twenty years defending it, since in ’94 I decided to go back into the military as a Reservist. I went to a church in Iraq located on the trailer of an equipment hauler (did Easter Service there in ’03), and looking around, I saw the kids America had raised to love their country as I did praying as I was that God would watch over us in the performance of our mission. More importantly, we prayed that our families back home were making it okay without us daily in their lives. We had a Commander in Chief we felt was doing what he thought was right in sending us there, and whatever happened going forward, we would accomplish our mission in the end. We trusted him, because we knew he cared about us whatever some knuckleheads were saying on TV back home.

And we trusted Him, so while we didn’t want to die, we weren’t afraid to if it came down to it.

Fast forward seven years, I still trust Him, but him? Not so much.

If I’m any indicator of what many on the so-called “Christian Right” are feeling today (remember the computer issue?), well this is where I’ll find out.

The United States was founded in the late 1700s with a very unique concept that as far as I’m aware had never been tried before. The power was to the people with rights bestowed by God that were solid and couldn’t be taken away, as long as you believed those rights came from God and that’s where things are getting fuzzy. Inalienable rights are no longer certain because men have set themselves up as gods and made them the final arbitrator of what is a right and who is to receive it.

I cannot, I will not be ruled by these men.

The warrior in me wants to fight tooth and nail and toss these morons out on their butts.

And what then? Over a period of years, we’ve slowly as a country been led away from our Constitution by leftists who now cite case law as the reason to abandon what we know to be true and correct as written in the US Constitution and by what we know to be the true intent of the founders as evidenced by their writings elsewhere.

In short, the very freedom we enjoy is what they use to destroy us today. The simple choice between good and evil has defaulted to evil again and again by men who seek power and riches; they’ve over the years corrupted the system and people they claim to serve.

Where is the “clear” button and how do we “push” it?

The Christian in me sees what’s happening today as pre-ordained. No, I don’t believe God is pushing us in this direction, but since I believe in God I have to believe in His alternate here on Earth.

I’m not trying to “push my religion” on anybody, but mainly looking for my place. I want my country back. Do I think I’ll get it? No.

I believe we’re ungovernable by men as long as evil exists in the world and men are free to choose that path.

I’m seeing people today distraught at the daily loss of freedom, the daily destruction of the Constitutional Republic and its replacement is abhorrent. We’re to be ruled, not governed.

We think “If only we can get ‘our people’ in there, we can reverse this”.

How are they doing so far?

Are you picking up on my confusion yet?

Some part if it is ADD and the fact I’m not a writer.

That said, this Christian bought a handgun the other day. I shoot expert, and have been trained to do so by my government. Is that something Jesus would do?

No. Confusion reigns supreme. I want to fight for my country, but it isn’t that kind of enemy.

I hate abortion and think it’s genocide on many levels, not the least of which are the very words written by one Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, where she cites her theories on eugenics (the proposed improvement of the human species by encouraging or permitting reproduction of only those people with genetic characteristics judged desirable). Am I then a single-issue voter?

No. But many Christians are and base their total political output on that one issue. It’s an issue worth of such focus, but can it win as such?

Somewhere above I typed the words “in short”, but then it got longer still.

I’m starting to feel disconnected, reaching a point where I’m thinking my country left me, and my allegiance belongs elsewhere. Obviously I’m still here, still fighting, but starting to look for that “clear” button. I don’t think there’s a man or political party who can find or even push it.

I firmly believe sometime in the very near future some leader, possibly Barry himself, will set in motion events which will cause the skies to roll back, the trumpets to sound, and God Himself as Jesus will return to Earth and not be a very happy person. I’d love to be standing next to ol’ Chris Hitchens or Bill Maher when that happens; “Hey, who ya ‘spose that is? He sure doesn’t look happy, does He?”

Until such time, Christians if I’m any indication are going to be conflicted. When is it time to give up on the things of this earth and concentrate on things eternal? Many I think have already started, and voter turnout in November may suffer as a result.

To win the middle, a GOP candidate can’t wear religious preference on his or her sleeve, but to win the Christian right, what will it take?

To my mind, a clear focus on the Constitution is the only answer. There doesn’t need to be a “Statement of Principles” for conservatives, those already exist and are protected by a glass case with all the air sucked out of it. But there’s over a hundred years of statism to reverse along with all the “gifts” strewn behind. We can’t pick and choose; “Well, Social Security is entrenched, politically it’s impossible to overturn”.

Sigh. I tried yet again to wrap this up with a summary, and it ended up again getting longer. All questions, no answers.

I fight on and support conservative candidates and I think all Christians should as well. There will be no “perfect” candidate in an imperfect world and as long as we’re citizens of this earth and the United States of America, I think we’re obligated to keep pushing the rudder back to the right, back to where the founders intended us to be. It hasn’t become pointless yet, and I’m pretty sure if that point comes, you’ll know beyond all doubt.