Interesting things about this "Coffee Party"

Supposedly started by “Documentary filmmaker” Annabel Park ranting on Facebook mere “weeks” ago, at nearly the same time a domain name is registered, and a professional looking site pops up. All within a month.

Annabel Park, the Facebook ranter, is rather interesting as well, having been “…associated with a large number of leftist groups including, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, Asian Americans for Obama, and she started the 121 Coalition.”

Via Left Coast Rebel who dug thru the coffee grounds already;

Jacobson broke Annabel’s association with United for Obama, but there are far more. According to the Washington Post in 2008, she started by campaigning for Democrat Senator James Webb in 2006. Since then, she has been associated with a large number of leftist groups including, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, Asian Americans for Obama, and she started the 121 Coalition. If you include her friend Eric Byler, co-director with Annabel of “9500 Liberty” a Michael Moore-esk liberal documentary, you can add in APA Five and Asian-Nation.org. Eric Byler also did the filming for the Coffee Party’s homepage video. Both Annabel and Eric recently did a workshop for the APA Five on community activism. Perhaps, there was something already in the works?

As has been pointed out by many today, Annabel also has a large number of MSM contacts. She previously worked as a Strategy Analyst for the NY Times and has been interviewed a number of times prior to the Coffee Party’s break out Washington Post article. Here is Annabel being interviewed in the Washington Post in 2008. Here she is with Anderson Cooper of CNN.

The Washington Post reported that Annabel started the Coffee Party movement with a Facebook post expressing her frustration with the Tea Party Movement. The Washington Post goes on:

Friends replied, and more friends replied. So last month, in her Silver Spring apartment, Park started a fan page called “Join the Coffee Party Movement.”

Smell the fake grass…

I know what real grass smells like, it grows in patches scattered everywhere, and you can’t get it to grow exactly the way you want or start in a central spot and spread outward.

Like herding cats.

Not saying the tiny meetings I’ve seen here and there on the internet aren’t real people feeling left out by all the ruckus lately, just saying it looks strangely centrally orchestrated.

Anonymous registrants are a red flag for me; if you stand by what you say then why hide?

Taxdayteaparty.com isn’t hiding who registered it.

Teapartyday.com isn’t hiding who registered it.

Teapartypatriots isn’t hiding.

Teaparty.org? Nope.

I’m not cheery picking either, just working my way down through a web search. I’m sure some tea party group founder wishes to remain anonymous, just haven’t found them yet.

Funny, the leftists always seem to feel the need to hide their identity, like I’m sure their President won’t be calling them a “mob” any time soon, or including them on a government watch list.

And yeah, I’m guessing these coffee party folks are going to turn out to be hard-core leftists trying desperately to energize their base.

Checking their “donation page“, you’ll find the site uses Democracy In Action to process the donations, which in turn is owned or affiliated with Wiredforchange.com.

Another interesting thing is all the press coverage. I remember searching for information on tea parties a year ago and found very little. A cursory search of the coffee party and there’s nearly 70 news articles, all put out in the last 24 hours on meetings totally maybe 30 people. I got maybe 5 hits doing that same search last year and the numbers totaled hundreds and thousands of participants at the gatherings. A little cheer leading by the press, maybe?

And they call us “astroturf”?