MEP Daniel Hannan importing the Tea Party to UK

Via The Reality Check;

It’s just plain odd, but funny and telling all at the same time. Apparently the Brits are going to have their own tea party to protest their own plight of over taxation.

Accordingly, Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan is sponsoring a Brighton Tea Party to be held on February 27.

Hannan thinks that Brits have had enough of being raked over the coals as their government wastes tax money at a rate even higher than that of America’s profligate government.

I’ve liked this Dan Hannan guy since I first saw this YouTube video on Fox, now here he is talking about tax competition;

Hannan notes;

But the MEP believes that an anti-tax movement would have “enormous resonance across the EU.”

“The paradox is that the US Tea Party movement is inspired by the slogan ‘No taxation without representation‘ and they do actually elect their representatives. In the EU, there genuinely is taxation without representation,” he said.

Yeah, okay Daniel, we’re represented. Just ignored.