The Obama/GOP Ambush Summit

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter stopped by RedState today and wrote a piece saying basically what I was thinking since I first heard to the Obama/GOP “Health Care Summit” or whatever the heck the administration is calling it these days. Saying the same thing Rush has been saying (in so many words);

Yesterday and the day before, when I got wind of this invitation from Obama to House Republicans to come up and have a televised six hour meeting on health care on February 25th, I implored them not to go. Be the party of “no;” be the party of “hell no.” The polling data all shows that 80% of the American people disapprove of the liberal Democrat Congress. There’s no majority anywhere among any group that wants Obamacare. Obama has said day in and day out that he’s not going to start over, so I said, “You can’t lose here by not showing up.” It seems that many disagree with me, including the panel at Fox & Friends.

I’m actually seeing things differently now, finding myself at odds with Rush. Maybe it’s because like many of us, he has zero (0) confidence that the present Minority Leaders have what they need to take on the Alinsky left. I’m thinking the GOP has to go now. Here’s why;

If they don’t show it’s a guaranteed lose, and will be spun as “The GOP has no ideas of their own so they didn’t bother showing up. They are only a party of no.”

I was with them on this until fairly recently when I realized it wasn’t about any healthcare plan at all; it’s all about November.

Obviously they control the majority plus the White House. What should they need the GOP for?

Because their majority is fracturing, and their base is becoming angry that promises aren’t being kept by Obama. With an angry base, they also worry about low morale and voter apathy-lower turnout.

The whole thing is his own fault, but he’s never been held to account in his life that I’m aware of for any misstep he’s ever made, and in this case, if he owns it his party loses.

The only way out as we are aware is to blame the GOP, and with the media carrying his water the negative will become a positive for him. If they repeat the lie often and loud enough, it will be believed. Solid Alinsky tactics;

11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counter side… every positive has its negative.”

Knowing this as they go in, they have to control the first impression, that’s what will get the most airplay.

“Why are we here, Mr. President? You don’t need us and have said as much on this occasion and that occasion.

“You’ve said we have put forward no plan of our own, when surely we did here and here, and are ready to do so again now.

This is what we want and what we know will work to save this great nation of ours from catastrophe.”

That or something similar should be the first things out of the mouth of whoever speaks first; if indeed there’ll even be a chance to speak. I rather suspect it will be Obama controlling the dialogue and making an accusatory speech with little or no chance for the GOP to respond, so there should already be alternative media standing by with a microphone and podium for the GOP to rush to in case of grandstanding by the President. Bloggers, Fox News, anybody who will listen and report accurately and fairly needs to be there.

He can’t let anyone actually offer alternative ideas or he’s sunk. He can’t allow the GOP to come off sounding either reasonable or articulate, or again he’s sunk.

But the GOP can’t be a no-show or they’re sunk. He’s hoping they won’t. He’s already fired the first of several salvos to convince them it would be pointless to show.

Think like an activist lawyer. The opposition has to show up or lose by default. You’d hope for a default judgment, thus saving yourself time, resources, and political capital.

In case the opposition does show, you want to control what the jury is permitted to hear and in this case, Obama is opposition counsel and Judge, so projecting your message to the jury is going to be tough.

He doesn’t control the jury though, and you’ve got to get to them any way possible.

Get out the Alinsky rules and get to work on that jury.