One man's search for a job in California

I’m lucky. I work two jobs, seven days a week plus a third job as a Navy Reservist once a month to make ends meet, but I’m not complaining. I’m able to work all those hours because I have those jobs, and I live in California. No doubt some leftist will want to someday pass a law to make it illegal to work more than one job, citing the “unfairness” of the system where one person is stealing all the job pie and other people have none.

Unlike opportunity in the United States, jobs in California are in fact a pie of limited size, and me working two paying jobs does in fact mean one person somewhere is short a piece. And because of idiot taxing and environmental policies, the pie is getting smaller and smaller here almost daily.

So am I going to volunteer to give up my part-time job towing cars to allow someone else the opportunity to work a four-day week? Nope. That guy has a better chance that the California legislature will see the light and reverse its idiotic ways to bring jobs back to this state. In other words, nil.

That guy actually did call, about an hour ago, and I told him straight up; “The state of California has passed laws destroying business in this state, and trucking and transport companies like this one are especially hard hit.”

I went on to explain about California’s very own “Global Warming” scam known as “CARBGate“;

CARB-gate: Climategate’s Little Sister in California

CARB-gate is essentially Climategate’s Little Sister. CARB refers to the California Air Resources Board, whose antics are detailed here and in killcarb.org. These to frauds are nearly identical in skullduggery, abuse of power, and the potential for economic catastrophe — they only differ in scale.

Via Killcarb.org, here’s one dump truck owner’s story on how his business is being destroyed;

[Fast forward to 5:00 if you just want the interview]

Lee Brown, executive director of the California Dump Truck Owner’s Association and a business owner, sent a letter to Governor Ah-Nold complaining that major capital investment in new trucks was all for nothing as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandated these trucks were to be retrofitted at high cost to the owners with diesel particulate filters. Mind you, these vehicles were perfectly within the law when they were purchased.

What does the CARB base all this on? Wait for it…

Faked science, and faked credentials.

Thornhill University: Where the air board’s diesel expert got his (fake) Ph.D.

The California Air Resources Board has yet to honor my request to see the 38 exhibits in the Hien T. Tran academic fraud case. Tran was the lead researcher on a scientific study that was used to justify sweeping, costly new diesel emission rules proposed by the CARB staff. He admitted Dec. 10 to CARB that he lied about having a Ph.D. in statistics from UC Davis. Instead, Tran said, his Ph.D. was from “Thornhill University.” Nevertheless, the air board still voted unanimously to adopt the rules based on his research Dec. 12 — without acknowledging Tran’s deception.

The company I work for on weekends has five trucks, and rarely is more than one actively working at any given time. As I write this, all are sitting in the yard. Sitting. When the wheels aren’t turning, the money’s basically burning.

Add to this a monthly payment on a few trucks, high rental costs for facilities, behind on payments to our cellular company, and the state would like us to kick out upwards of $10,000 per truck for filters that aren’t even necessary?

And before you go off thinking “Well, that’s nutty ol’ California again! Why don’t you move?”, look out over the fruited plain and tell me one thing; Who’s in charge of the federal government?

Answer; The same leftists in charge of wrecking California.

This is not a “California problem”, it’s the problem in America today. The left has destroyed everything it’s touched (see Detroit, San Francisco, etc.), and now it’s finger is on the United States as a whole. Go where exactly?

If we don’t make a stand in California and retreat to, lets say Texas; remember the Alamo. They all died at the Alamo. We have to fight for every inch of this nation, and that means California is in play. That means elections in the primaries have consequences.

Who for example in the GOP Senate primary in California has a strong record of taking a clear stand against this type of legislative tyranny?

Well, lets look at who Al Gore doesn’t like;

Al Gore says this about Chuck DeVore: “Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, is already campaigning hard across California. He voted against AB 32, the landmark global warming legislation…”

Al Gore is right, Chuck DeVore voted against AB 32 – and debated against it – and fought tooth and nail against its implementation every step of the way. Because, unlike Al Gore, Chuck DeVore understands that neither California, nor America, can solve a global issue on the backs of hard-working Americans.

California’s AB 32 is one big reason why Forbes ranked California as having the worst tax and regulatory climate in America – we’re 50th. And, with 12.2% unemployment, the 4th highest in the nation, Californians are suffering under a foolish energy policy while China proceeds to build 100 coal-fired power plants per year AS WELL AS several modern nuclear power plants too. It’s a fact: we can completely shut California down in the name of global warming and ONE YEAR’S worth of economic growth in China would wipe out any supposed benefit.

AB 32 was the coffin nail legislation that mandated much of this eco-garbage destroying the California economy. It’s good for these days to be on Al Gore’s bad side.

How about the guy looking for a job driving? Maybe if he calls back after this coming November, things will be looking a little better?