Mark Levin, Author of Liberty and Tyranny, Endorses Chuck DeVore in GOP Calif Sen Primary

Mark Levin today in going over Rasmussen poll results and a piece written in the LA Times, went on a slight tangent for a few seconds to describe his personal endorsement for the California GOP Senate race;

“By the way, uh, Im going to endorse Chuck Devore. People ask me so I might as well tell you; he is a solid Constitutionalist…my point is folks, if we’re going to get into these battles, let’s back people who are solid right-wingers.”

Exactly my point, the pendulum in California has swung so far to the left that to pick a moderate accomplishes nothing. You say Fiorina has a more compelling story? Has a better chance against the Boxer SEIU machine? What?

Honestly I think a more conservative candidate can win in California if the word gets out. The grass roots are spreading that word, but it will take real money to break through into the mainstream where the majority of Californians sit at the TV taking it all in via 30 second sound bites and selected clips.

Give till it hurts.

Levin Endorses DeVore