George Will predicts DeVore win in California

On ABC’s “This Week”, Jake Tapper, after being emotionally disturbed by Carly Fiorina’s #Demonsheep ad, asks George Will;

TAPPER: There you go, the demon sheep ads. George, aside from the — the fact that that demon sheep now haunts me at night, I’m wondering if you could comment on the fact that Republicans are now running to the right for this mantle of fiscal conservative. Certainly that’s something we see in the Tea Party movement. We’re seeing it now in California, as well.

WILL: Sure, because California has a closed primary. Republicans will vote in it. And about 15 percent of the decline to states will vote in it. That’s — Fiorina running an ad against Tom Campbell, who was running for governor until enticed back into the Senate race, I think by Meg Whitman, who’s running for governor and really doesn’t want two former Silicon Valley CEOs running in tandem on the ticket, Meg Whitman coming from eBay, Carly Fiorina from Hewlett-Packard.

That said, it’s the dog that didn’t bark there. There’s another candidate there, and he’s Chuck DeVore. He’s the conservative in the race. And I’ll make you a small wager that he is the Republican nominee, neither of those two.

An interesting side bit: Tapper goes on to ask Peggy Noonan her opinion of the #Demonsheep;

TAPPER: Do you want to get in on that action?

NOONAN: That — I’ve watched that thing three times. It is — I’m fascinated by it. It is less like a political advertisement than it is like a nervous breakdown. It is crazy. Its text doesn’t follow its art, if that’s what it would be called. It’s like — it’s like an answer to the question, what would happen if Salvador Dali made a tech (ph) commercial?

TAPPER: You don’t — you don’t like the demon sheep? You’re not a fan of the demon sheep?

NOONAN: I kind of love it.

“Kind of love it.” Kind of wishy-washy, as pretty much sums Noonan up these days for whatever reason. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.