Carly Fiorina seems all waffley on any debate with Chuck DeVore

Carly Fiorina was interviewed by KFI radio hosts John and Ken in Los Angeles today, and she was asked questions about her stands on some pertinent issues such as GWOT, other stuff that I’ll get into later.

First though, there was a surprise caller.

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Transcript of audio [my bolding]

JOHN/KEN: There’s someone on the line that wants to talk with you too.


JOHN/KEN: We got, well, we’ve, he called in, and we’ve allowed him to make one offer to you. Okay?


JOHN/KEN: All right. This is Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore. Chuck, we gave you one offer to make to Carly Fiorina.

DEVORE: Carly Fiorina, Chuck DeVore. You’re saying a lot of good things now, but you didn’t say so in the past. How do you suppose that we should get on KFI and debate and let the voters of the state of California hear what we have to say?

FIORINA: You know, ah, Chuck, you’ve been saying for quite some time that my position on these issues is changed —

DEVORE: Then let’s debate!

FIORINA: — that’s not factually correct. And anyone who has bothered to look at my record on these issues knows it’s not factually correct. Though, I guess I would have a alternative suggestion for you. Maybe it would be good, if you want to be a U.S. Senator, to quit attacking me and start talking to the voters of California about what you would actually do.

DEVORE: So is that a yes or a no? Are we going to debate?

FIORINA: We’re certainly not gonna debate right now. I guess I would just ask you to, ah, refrain from misrepresenting my record.

DEVORE: So you didn’t back the Wall Street bailouts?

JOHN/KEN: All right, Chuck, we just said you get the one question offer here, okay? That’s all. All right, but I would, ah, you know, to follow up on that, Carly, we would love to have you, and Tom Campbell, and Chuck DeVore on, doing a debate on our program.

FIORINA: Well, we’ll see.

JOHN/KEN: Did you back the Wall Street bailout?

FIORINA: No, I did not back the Wall Street bailout. I believed that something was necessary to keep the financial system from crisis. However, at the time that that bailout was announced, I said two things, ah, on Fox television, which anyone who checks will — can see. First thing I said was that the problem that the bailout of Wall Street was purported to be solving is a lack of credit. And thus far that problem has still not been solved. Credit is not yet flowing. Second, I said that the bailout should have had conditions attached to it. That is, conditions to lend the money, conditions not simply to pad a balance sheet, and create huge outside profits for these banks. The third thing I said was that anyone who accepted taxpayer bailout money should at the same time tender their resignation and the resignation of their boards, because they had failed in their most fundamental duty, which was to protect their franchises.

JOHN/KEN: All right, Carly, we gotta go. We thank you for talking to us, and we hope to put you two together with the debate, and maybe Campbell too.

FIORINA: Thanks John and Ken, nice to be with you.

Go to KFI radio’s John and Ken page, or you can click here to download the whole interview, [opens as .mp3, fast forward to 18:20]

Now about the backing/not backing the TARP bailouts; as “point person for the McCain campaign on economic and business issues“, think maybe she had any input on McCain’s TARP planning? She could’ve left his campaign if she were fundamentally opposed to the bailout plan.

Now she’s running for the US Senate seat currently occupied by Barbara Boxer, and would’ve, could’ve, and should’ve are a tad lame if she’s going there.