Is this what you mean by "Bi-Partisan", Mr. President?

I’d hate to see what Mr. Obama thinks is partisan

Actually, we know what this President thinks “partisan” is; anyone not of his party disagreeing with him. His “bi-partisan” is, of course, when even one member of the opposition party crosses the lines and votes Obama’s way.

Sen. Jeff Sessions was interviewed Friday by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren where the senator detailed numerous attempts by the GOP to get information from the Obama White House and express their concerns over Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab being given a civilian trial and other issues.

All attempts were ignored. As if no attempt were ever made at all.

He wrote to Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. Nada.

On December 9, 2009, Senator Sessions sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder yet again, calling on him to suspend transfers of detainees from Guantánamo Bay to the so-called “Saudi terrorist rehabilitation program.” Squat.

Sessions and GOP senators wrote the President. Ignored.

Again to Attorney General Holder. Blown off. To the President via released statement. Again to Holder by letter.

According to Sen. Sessions, all attempts were totally ignored by the Obama White House.

Elected Senators and Representatives in Congress are our presence in government. They are there to represent us; We the People. When they are ignored, we are ignored. A President can’t and shouldn’t run his administration via poll or focus group, but they should at the very least acknowledge correspondence from those we sent to DC to stand for us.

Anything less is intolerable and will be remembered. Soon.

See the whole interview here.

Abridged version here