Remembering: Harry’s History

Gives me warm and fuzzies

Of course, the title of this post can be taken two ways, and right now I’m looking at both of them.

I never got over Reid with his comment “…the war is lost…” back in 2007;

“Now I believe, myself, that the secretary of state, the secretary of defense and you have to make your own decision as to what the president knows: that this war is lost, that the surge is not accomplishing anything,” Reid, D-Nev., told reporters.

My hackles have been up with him since way before that, but that remark tore it for me. He became useless human garbage, and I wanted him gone. I remember looking at the senators whose seats were scheduled for re-election in November 2010.

“‘Till then, Harry…”

Nevada seems to finally have had it with Reid as well, with 79% responding to a Fox5 Las Vegas news poll saying they would not vote for him in November.

According to Rasmussen;

…[a]telephone survey of likely voters in Nevada finds Reid earning just 36% of the vote against his two top Republican challengers. That’s a seven-point drop from 43% a month ago.
Reid, who is seeking a fifth term, received 61% of the final vote in 2004.

I know I shouldn’t want Reid to drop out rather than face his electoral execution in November, but really I don’t care how he leaves, just that he’s gone.

You don’t have to go home, Harry, but you can’t stay here in office.

I don’t like linking to these guys, but even HuffPuff is having fun at Reid’s expense;

Facing a tough re-election fight in Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced that he’ll instead run for Senate from New York.

Wearing a full New York Yankees uniform, Reid announced his candidacy outside his new campaign headquarters in Times Square.

“It’s been a privilege and an honor to serve the people of Nevada,” said Reid, as he ate a Nathan’s hot dog wrapped in a slice of genuine New York pizza. “But I’ve always been a New Yorker at heart.”

Reid: a carpetbagger like Hillary? Perish the thought!

Whatever it takes, I know this; because of Harry’s history, he’s history. This I like mucho.

Will I miss him? Nope, I’ll get over him soon enough, as will most of Nevada. At least the part with brains.