2010 and 2012 may mean nothing if this isn't stopped now

At all costs

Every once in a while you hear something on the radio that absolutely slaps you in the face with an “Oh my God” moment.

For months we’ve been getting into what the leftists and statists have been trying to do to our country, and what will become of us as a nation if they succeed.

Listening to the F. Lee Levin show today he read something on air that blew me away with it’s simplicity in tying everything together, and it set my alarm bells ringing. Okay, I’ve been into this for months, but at a micro level; only seeing the task at hand; defeating this destructive agenda on a vote-by-vote basis. Making the phone calls (in my case, to Boxer and Feinstein, which are pretty much throwaway calls), sending faxes, emails, and helping others to organize.

In other words, deep into the weeds. Much like a logger who sees the next tree, and the next, and the next, I was missing the enormity of the forest. I knew the future would be bleak if this agenda passed, but I never allowed myself to imagine it because defeat was and remains unthinkable.

But, driving on my three weekend an month part-time job with the AM radio on, Levin began reading and I had to roll up the windows and lean in to catch it all;

In explanation for her “yes” vote on the Max Baucus created health care bill, Maine Senator Olympia Snowe said:

“Is this bill all that I would want? Far from it. Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls.”

Senator Snowe is probably right. History is calling. What she has wrong is history’s message. History is calling with the warning that tyranny is at our doorstep.

The tyranny that threatens us is not the same brand as the violent police states of the 20th century. Tyranny in America will look more like the misguided utopianism that has taken England from being the greatest, freest nation on earth to the frail remains of a world power it is today.

History called on England in the aftermath of World War II. During the war, the Axis Powers threatened England’s very existence. In such dire circumstances it became necessary for the entire country to work under central direction to achieve its military objectives. However, after the Allied Forces retook Europe, England believed that wartime-style government planning should continue. The government proceeded to dismantle what, in many ways, was once the freest economy in world history.

Now, over 60 years later, we see the results. England — the leader of the industrial revolution, the empire over which the sun never set, the parent of so many of the great modern republics — has descended into doldrums of mediocrity.

There’s more that ties everything into the battle for health care reform in the United States, go here and check it out, then pass it on. It’s important, really.

Maybe I’m just alarmist and there’s some hidden court trick that will work with the Appeals Courts who are increasingly more and more leaning to the left. I somehow doubt that though.

Forget who may or may not run next year for now. Real leaders have their chance today to rise to the top and help get the brakes put on this leftist agenda, lets see them do it. The heroes of this year can claim the leadership mantle in 2010 and beyond. Too often a person will see the people moving in a certain direction and rush out in front pretending to have been there all along, and they’ll shout “Follow me!” We see who they are, they aren’t fooling anybody anymore.

This is for all the marbles, and 2010 or 2012 won’t mean a thing if this isn’t stopped right here.

Right now.