Wanted; a Commander in Chief

Sorely missing our previous one about now

As a military person, there’s a hole in my heart where a President used to be.

I didn’t agree with George W. Bush politically all the time (enough to vote for him twice), but one thing I did agree with; he did his best for his troops.

Make the argument, if you will, that troops in Iraq were lacking proper armor prior to the ’03 Iraq invasion. I was issued a post Vietnam era flak vest (bullets would soar through these unhindered), an M-16 (A1 lower receiver with an A2 upper, too long in the barrel for our convoy use), and while our MOPP gear was state of the art, it came in unfashionable woodland camouflage pattern rather than the more appropriate desert camo we needed for where we were.

Funny part to the MOPP gear camo pattern. Sitting at chow prior to the invasion kick-off, we were watching some US carrier crew on the flight deck conducting preparedness drills for chemical/biological warfare. To a man, they were wearing our desert camo pattern MOPP gear! Useful no doubt on a carrier at sea.

What the above boils down to, is that while it may be fashionable for the left to blame Bush for lack of proper gear, the real culprit was the Peace Dividend coined by the GHWB administration, and carried through and repeated endlessly by one Bill Clinton. After what seemed like endless budget cuts, the high-tech weapons systems were given priority and the “Humvees”, etc. were deemed to be “fine as is”.

So yeah, we were as a Seabee unit not expected to be the “tip of the spear” as our brother Marines and the Army were, so we accepted the gear as what we needed for where we were and who we were.

We did at least know one thing, we had a Commander in Chief who cared and loved his troops.

I saw a video posted to Facebook tonight which prompted me writing this tonight (that and I’ve had too much coffee). It’s titled “US Soldiers Hate Barack Obama”

Do we really hate Barack Obama?


Do we believe Barack Obama likes us?


My personal feeling, as I posted in the comments on Facebook, were these;

I don’t hate him, I just don’t think he likes us very much; sees us as tools. If you lose or break a tool, get another one, cheap as possible.
GWB came to served us Thanksgiving dinner in Iraq, went to see the wounded regularly in various hospitals.
He was a President who I believe genuinely loved the troops.

Naturally this was followed immediately by a lib, who wrote;

Rick Fisk
If Bush liked the troops so much, why did he send them to Iraq and Afghanistan to get hurt and dead?
To which I replied;
Erick Brockway
To defeat an enemy who wants civilians like you hurt and dead.
Really? LOL.Muslims want to kill your mom. Why Iraq? It had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.
Erick Brockway
Guess you weren’t paying much attention back then?
Put away you lib talking points flash card set and think.
Saddam Hussein, to keep his own people under control and keep Iran from getting ideas, kept up a shell game to on the one hand make people think he MAY have WMDs hiding somewhere. Whether he did and destroyed them, or got them out of the country, is not the point.
He failed to disclose. He was supposed to disclose. He used them in the past. As we got close to Baghdad, we were issued NEW MOPP gear, because if we crossed into the city, he threatened to use them on us.
We believed him. He’s dead now.
Get it?
Probably not.
And they want to kill YOUR mom, mine died when I was 12

Why do I bother?

I did a Google search. There were hundreds of pictures of GWB visiting troops in the hospital. Same search, Obama’s name, well you get the idea. One with SecDef Gates visiting troops.

“But Erick, Obama’s only been in office a few months! No fair! Besides that, George Bush!”

I really don’t think it’s going to matter; six months or six years. The man Barack Obama can’t relate, can’t identify with a service to one’s country that involves possibly losing one’s life or taking a life.

His idea of service seems to be service to others that benefits oneself politically, or benefits one’s own political party. One’s own team. One’s own color. One’s own race.

As I sit here trying to wrap this up, I’m watching a channel I really never knew existed on TV; The Pentagon Channel. They just told me there are people still dying in Afghanistan. Notice anything missing?

The “Running Tally” seems to have stopped.

Gone is the tagline; “…bringing the number of US troops killed in [fill in the blank] to…”.

Oh yeah;

I Won