California Democrat state Senator Steinberg REALLY needs a vacation

Poor lil’ feller

Well, after another marathon overnight session the California state legislature has another budget ready for Gov. Schwarzenegger’s signature. See y’all in another six months, right?

In the hallways outside the chambers, union hack’s and business leader’s lobbyists tried to make deals with Democrats and Republicans over various tax breaks and tax increases.

Republicans wanted a resumption of offshore slant drilling, Democrats wanted to rob the local cities and counties of their gas tax money, plus other tax and money grabs.

Who won? It wasn’t the people of California, never is.

In the end, the budget left a 1.1 billion dollar hole to fill “somehow” and Arnold said he’d sign the package even after promising not to sign anything that didn’t completely close the entire deficit.

At 3am on Friday, Senate pro tem Darrell Steinberg was announcing “I don’t have much time left here,”

“If you think the deal is a bad deal, and you believe that your responsibility to solve this problem is as great as your concern over some of what your local elected officials are going to say . . . then please come forward with the way you would make up $1.9 billion,” Steinberg said.

The Senate finished it’s deals at 6:30am while in the Assembly members were still voting and Republicans were trying to make revisions in the Senate bill. But…

Rather than allow negotiations to reopen, Steinberg preempted the Assembly by declaring the Senate closed for recess. Soon he was boarding a plane for a vacation in Hawaii.

Oh, that’s what he meant by “…not having much time left here”. He wanted to pull a Pelosi. Aloha, jerk.

Note to Audra Strickland; the only Republican voting against the offshore oil proposal? Really? *facepalm*