Introducing the antidote to Barbara Boxer

Boxer needs no introduction, she’s the antithesis of goodness

Fortunately 2010 is coming up fast, and there’s a real chance of shoving Boxer out the door; a slim one, but very real.

Californians are fed up with the constant business-killing tax increases despite what some editorial pages and carefully crafted polls are saying.

California as you may know requires a 2/3 majority vote to raise taxes; otherwise the state economy would’ve died some years ago. One of the few in the GOP Assembly caucus reliably holding the line against taxes has been California State Assemblyman from the 70th district in California Chuck DeVore.

DeVore is no stranger to RedState having posted and cross-posted here several times in the past.

He has a solid military background, including;

In 1983, Chuck enlisted in the United States Army Reserve. He earned an ROTC scholarship that allowed him to attend Claremont McKenna College where he graduated with honors with a degree in Strategic Studies in 1985 and was commissioned an officer. He also studied overseas at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. After more than 24 years of service, Chuck retired from the Army National Guard with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College, his awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with bronze oak leaf cluster, and others.

Big difference between DeVore, who served the military and Boxer who continues to protest the military.

Two quick videos pretty much say all you need to hear.

The first is a quick summary of the precarious position California currently finds itself in.

The second was produced by his campaign, which is well run in part by someone you may have seen if you’ve ever run across Justin Hart on Twitter; he’s one tech-savvy guy. He has to be to keep up with Chuck.

From Jun 2009, Calif. Assembly floor

One innovative fund raising tool is the Tweet for Chuck site, which in posts your donation to the #TCOT twitter stream effectively challanging others to do the same.

Boxer won’t be a pushover, and nobody is fooling themselves on that. It’ll take money (which is in short supply nationwide where the GOP is concerned), and a proactive attack plan similar to the one Boxer herself will be using.

So far, DeVore is pushing hard just to get name recognition in a state where most local and national media is locked up by Democrats and RINOs, and he’s doing it by hitting events statewide as often as possible and by using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube heavily.

He has a good start, there’s a long way to go yet, but still a good start.

More videos listed here.

Keep an eye out for this guy.