Photoshop Essay Contest

A sitting US Commander in Chief uses Deadly Force

Never in the history of the United States to my knowledge has deadly force been used by a sitting US President, but when White House airspace was violated during an interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood the incumbent took matters into his own hands. Literally.

Obama first issued a clear command; “Get out of here.” which was unheeded by the intruder, after which deadly force was used.

Witnesses report he then spoke to Harwood, saying; “Now, where were we. That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? I got the sucker.”

What was the intruder? Was it a miniaturized UAV spy drone? Why was deadly force so quickly used to subdue the intruder?

Video identifies the intruder;

Turned out the intruder was identified as Musca Domestica and PETA is reportedly not happy about the unexpected pre-emptive strike.

Naturally I thought it would make a most awesome contest in keeping with the RedState Gift Giveaway, so I suggested it. As often happens when one makes a suggestion, one can sometimes be told “Great idea! You write it up!”

So here it is. The resident Photoshop pros should be able to make mincemeat of this one.

Tell the story as you think it may actually have happened using Photoshop by slapping it in the comments below. The RedState Joint Chiefs of Staff will be final arbiters, but will doubtless take into account those of us who may be Photoshop deficient who vote by 555555.

Yee haw!