Obamacare sounds so…Logical

It MUST or so many people wouldn’t be falling for it

I’m hearing and reading some strange things with regard to Obama’s Health Care proposal, ranging from the idiotic;

gretchens Sunday, June 14th at 4:10PM EDT (link)

The health care system has much room for improvement and I am all for competition: LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

I am one of those who CHOSE not to purchase health insurance for about the last 20 years. When I went to the emergency room or doctor, I paid the bill in ful l (sp). Luckily for me I have great health. Many do not, regardless of their party affiliation. This is not a Dem vs. Repub issue.

I am not one who wants health care FORCED on anyone. When Obama campaigned he said he did not want a mandatory system while Hllary Clinton did. The LAST thing I want is to have all the uninsured to be forced into paying 200-600 dollars a month to the bloated insurance companies.

I am interested in a public plan that we can buy into. Not nationalized medicine.

[My emphasis]

It’s hook, line and sinker the idiocy being mixed into the Official Democrat Party Cocktail Kool-Aid; let’s not call it “Nationalized Healthcare” or “Socialized Medicine”, no no no, henceforth it shall be known as “The Public Plan”. Sounds so warm and fruity and chock full O goodness. The rest of the idiocy was picked apart thoroughly in the succeeding comments so I won’t bother but the point is W.O.S.M.B.T. (Whatever Obama Says Must Be True), and as we know B.I.A.R. (Barry Is Always Right).

Oh, I was ranging. From the idiotic to the confused, as Bob Herbert of the New York Times finds fault with the McCain Healthcare plan which he calls “McCain’s Radical Agenda“;

There is nothing secret about Senator McCain’s far-reaching proposals, but they haven’t gotten much attention because the chatter in this campaign has mostly been about nonsense — lipstick, celebrities and “Drill, baby, drill!”

“It means your employer is going to have to make an estimate on how much the employer is paying for health insurance on your behalf, and you are going to have to pay taxes on that money,” said Sherry Glied, an economist who chairs the Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

For starters, the McCain health plan would treat employer-paid health benefits as income that employees would have to pay taxes on.

There’s nothing about a similar proposal from Obama that I’ve heard from him.

But as I was wondering how it is the left managed to become so skewed on healthcare that I caught Glenn Beck’s show before bed Monday night;

The Obama administration is pitching government-run health care to cover 46 million uninsured Americans, despite opposition from the American Medical Association, Republicans and even some members of his own party.

Here’s the one thing: The president may give you the headline, but to understand what this plan is really about, you need to listen carefully to what those on the left are saying.


The public insurance option will put employer-based, private insurance out of business and the government can bide its time — taking losses — until that finally happens.

Or as Bob Herbert puts it with regard to the McCain plan, “Taxing employer-paid health benefits is the first step in this transition, the equivalent of injecting poison into the system. It’s the beginning of the end.”

And you wonder if he gets it, I mean really gets it, then why doesn’t her “get it” when it comes to Obama’s plan?

Let me think about it while you watch the video from the Glenn Beck show below. Follow the trail to its source;

They’re both black? They’re both half-black? They’re both liberal?? I know Obama doesn’t write for The Times, though I’ve heard it said he wants to host the ABC Evening News now.

I give up, trying to make sense of liberal thought can cause injury. And I still fail to see the logic.