Remains of US Soldier missing since May 1 recovered

What? You missed that story on the MSM? Hmmmm

Via Bill Roggio

Afghan soldiers and Coalition troops have launched offensives against Taliban forces in Farah and Kunar provinces and killed more than 50 Taliban. The remains of a US soldier who was listed as missing in Kunar after a Taliban assault on an outpost on May 1 have been found.

Huh? A US soldier was missing? How come we never heard about that?

I dug. And I dug. And I dug, finally finding this;

(SALEM, Ore.) – The Department of Defense reported the death of two soldiers in Afghanistan today, and they stated earlier that a third soldier was missing in action. Officials now state that they have recovered the body of the third soldier who had been missing.

He was assigned to the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas.

The action leading the the death of the two soldiers and
the initial disappearance and subsequent death of the other, occurred May 1 near
the village of Nishagam, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, where all three were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Sgt. James D. Pirtle

Sergeant James D. Pirtle, 21, of Colorado Springs, Colorado was killed in the attack.

He was assigned to the Special Troops Battalion, 3rd
Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.

Specialist Ryan C. King, 22, of Dallas, Georgia was also killed May 1st 2009.

He was assigned to the Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.

The military explains that these soldiers died of wounds that they suffered when insurgents attacked their unit using direct fire.

Staff Sergeant William D. Vile, 27, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who was previously missing, died of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using direct fire May 1 near the village of Nishagam, in Konar Province, Afghanistan.

Question; do I turn to Bill Roggio now for news about the US military’s continuing “Overseas Contingency Operations”? Or maybe subscribe to a newspaper in Oregon?

I searched at Fox News. Then I searched at CNN. I won’t even click on anything NBC, MSNBC, or PMSNBC, so I leave that search to others.

Nothing, no story, what am I missing? Not even Fox News says anything? Ok, so is this a news organization error, or are the various news companies used to the Bush administration coming out front with the info quickly, while Obama hopes you don’t notice?

If our folks are overseas in combat, do we really have to find out what’s going on from bloggers? Even the awesome ones like Roggio shouldn’t be the ones providing first info on stuff like this.

There had better be a slow uproar and some changes made.