Obama Immigration appointee another hack politician


The former U.S. attorney played a role in a 2001 decision by President Clinton to commute a drug dealer’s prison sentence

h/t Steven Frank

Saw this in an email from Steve from the LA Times;

A former top Los Angeles federal prosecutor who was involved in a Clinton-era clemency controversy has been tapped to head an influential Department of Homeland Security immigration agency.

Alejandro Mayorkas is President Obama’s pick to be director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which adjudicates a broad range of immigration and naturalization issues and oversees international adoptions, asylum, refugee status and foreign student authorization.

Immediate alarm bells, why the heck would anybody want to assist the pardoning of a cocaine trafficker? I’ve long ago given up wondering why Clinton would pardon such a person, who is nearly equal to a child molester in my opinion.

So digging further, curious about what Latino activists thought;

There is another Latino appointment in the Obama Administration. This time Cuban born Alejandro Mayorkas has been selected to head the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services. He is currently a partner at O’Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles. He was appointed by President Clinton as the United States Attorney for the Central District of California, where he successfully prosecuted hate crimes.

Mayorkas was instrumental in the Carlos Vignali pardon by Bill Clinton. Carlos Vignali was serving a 15 year sentence for cocaine trafficking. His father, Horacio Vignali, was a big contributor to Antonio Villaraigosa, Xavier Becerra, Bob Hertzberg, and to the Democratic Party after his son’s conviction in 1994. Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony was even in on the lobbying effort to get the younger Vignali released, as was Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, and LA Sheriff Lee Baca. I wonder how much money or quid pro quo was in it for Mayorkas to get involved in getting this coke dealer busted out. Inquiring minds want to know…or perhaps Mayorkas has more liberal views about cocaine possession and trafficking laws and will be willing to go to bat for others in another capacity (we can only hope).

(Above emphasis mine)

Seriously, having liberal views on cocaine possession and trafficking would indicate one’s propensity to “go to bat for others”? I assuming by “others” they mean illegal aliens, but just guessing here. The comments sections seems to set me straight that the prevailing thought is Mayorkas is just another shyster attorney, and on that I have to agree.

His current employer, O’Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles, has this in his bio;

As U.S. Attorney, Mr. Mayorkas created the Civil Rights Section to prosecute hate crimes and other acts of intolerance and discrimination more effectively. He developed an innovative program to address violent crime by targeting criminals’ possession of firearms, applying RICO to the prosecution of street gangs, and at the same time providing federal resources to develop after-school programs in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods to help at-risk youth discover and realize their potential. He also expanded the Office’s community outreach programs, and broadened the Office’s cooperation with other nations in an effort to address the increasing globalization of criminal conduct. Mr. Mayorkas led an office of 240 Assistant U.S. Attorneys who prosecuted an unprecedented number of significant and innovative cases in varied areas of law enforcement, including cases of public corruption, high-tech and computer-related crime, organized crime, investment fraud, and international money laundering.

Ok, that sounds good, but of course it’s meant to.

One thing I do know, he’s a down-the-line liberal with no splitting parties to be on the safe side; anything (D) gets his money, except for a basic $1000 donation to a group chaired by former Democrat Governor Mark Warner of Virginia, which as a group seems to have fizzled out.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this guy going forward, except I keep going back to the Clinton pardon of a drug trafficker with Mayorkas’ help.

Mayorkas also was one of several prominent Southern California political figures who played a role in a 2001 decision by President Clinton to commute a drug dealer’s prison sentence.

Carlos Vignali was convicted in 1994 for his role in a drug ring that delivered more than 800 pounds of cocaine — worth about $5 million at the time — from Los Angeles to Minneapolis. He was released after serving less than half of his 14 1/2 -year sentence when Clinton included him among 176 clemency cases that he granted in his last few hours in office.

The move sparked outrage among federal prosecutors in Minneapolis, who had lobbied aggressively against any commutation for Vignali. They said Mayorkas had called them twice to ask questions about the case.

Vignali’s father, Horacio, was a wealthy Los Angeles businessman and developer who had contributed more than $160,000 to many Latino political figures in Southern California; he persuaded some of them to lobby the White House for his son’s early release.

Mayorkas later admitted phoning the White House counsel’s office at the urging of the elder Vignali.

A subsequent congressional investigation criticized Mayorkas, saying it was improper for a senior law enforcement official to be lobbying for such a commutation, especially for someone convicted in another district.

Mayorkas apologized. “It is reasonable to expect that someone in my position would do his or her due diligence to learn that information” about Vignali, he told the Los Angeles Times in 2001. “I made a mistake.”

Now it makes sense for Obama to approve the vetting, he “confessed” to “making a mistake” (which only works, by the way, if you’re a Democrat), but why appoint the guy, to begin with? I’m hoping somebody will enlighten me in the comments as I’ve drawn a blank since yesterday when I started Google-hacking. I keep thinking, “There has to be more to this”.

I expect it’ll eventually come down to four words; “Because he’s an idiot”.