Email and Twitter Addresses of Left-Wing Media Saying Tea Partiers Are Fake-FreedomWorks

Via FreedomWorks (the alleged masterminds of the Tea Party Movement)

Left-wing media has spent the past few days trying to discredit the Tea Party movement before today’s nation-wide anti-big government protests.  Knowing the significance of such an outpouring of opposition to big government, they want America to believe it is centrally controlled and contrived, and therefore not as important as it is.

We know it is a decentralized grassroots uprising, freely and voluntarily organized by citizens across the country who are concerned about out-of-control government in Washington.  We can not let them get away with claiming otherwise, as it will decrease the impact of the hard work of so many who believe in limited government.

Today’s tea parties should be enough to show these events were not “fake grassroots”—whatever that means.

But to be sure they get the message, let’s email and Twitter these leaders of the left’s orchestrated attempt to say you don’t exist and that your opposition is somehow “fake”.

Have any pictures of the tea party you went to? Attach them, too:

Pundit Email address Twitter account Saying you’re fake

Pundit Email Twitter Clip
Paul Krugman [email protected] twitter.com/PaulKrugman Article on fake tea parties
Rachel Maddow [email protected] twitter.com/Maddow Making fun of you
Keith Olbermann [email protected] twitter.com/countdownmsnbc In denial
Nicole Sandler [email protected] twitter.com/nicolesandler Starting 39 minutes: you’re sheep
David Shuster [email protected] twitter.com/Shuster1600 Crude TV

You’ll notice they all make the same claim—that FreedomWorks and Fox News, not concerned citizens, are behind all the tea parties.  FreedomWorks if flattered they think we could somehow orchestrate and pay for several hundred simultaneous protests.  We would love to—but could not possibly do so with our current budget.

And we do not want to take any credit from the people who are really organizing all the tea parties—many protesting big-government for the first time.

Of course, we’re doing everything we can to encourage our members to join the protests against big government—it’s what we do.  We’ve been a grassroots organization fighting for lower taxes, less government and more freedom for 25 years.  And while we have organized tea parties, and hosted USTeaParty.com since 2002 when we were CSE, most of our involvement has been providing help to organizers who ask us for it.

We are mainly helping voluntary organizers who contact us (I thought the left loved community organizers?) with logistics, getting the word out to our online network, and occasionally offering insurance coverage when a city bureaucrat tries to get creative in his effort to suppress first amendment rights by denying protesting “permits” to groups without insurance coverage.

Don’t let the Left get away with their denial.  Let them know you’re real and that you care enough about this issue to show up.  Don’t be shy about emailing them more than once (politely, of course) with pictures or news clips of any activism you may be involved in.

Some of our members in North Carolina did this to a reporter to the Wall Street Journal who claimed our AngryRenter.com site against the first housing bailout was “fake grassroots”.  He changed his tune when our members let him know how real they are.  Let’s see if Krugman, Olbermann, Maddow, and the rest will, too.

We’re not asking them to agree with us—they’re free to support as big a government and as many corporate bailouts as they’d like.

We’re just asking that they stop denying that others disagree with them enough to voluntarily show up to a protest.

Honestly, I’d never heard of FreedomWorks till I was informed by the left media (CNN’s Anderson Cooper, MSNBC”s Maddow and the Olbermonster). But I’d like to thank these idiots and others spewing the Pelosi talking points for alerting me to them, looks like I’ve been missing out on a good site.

The poster child for slime at the Tea Party in Chicago, Susan Roesgen, even had her email shut down by people angered by her attack on a dad holding his two year old son, demanding responses to her liberal talking points. That one would think would be enough to make a “compassionate caring progressive” liberal blush. Hah! Dreaming again.