Tea Bags for LNN (Formerly CNN)

Obviously they’re beyond coffee’s help there at the Liberal News Network

For Mizz Susan Roesgen as she takes supreme offense to an Obama as Hitler sign, while it’s perfectly ok to do the same to Bush;

Another group catches her mocking a man with a 2 year old child;

So, passed around on Twitter today is a good idea.

This in response to @ChristinaPerk suggesting “Everyone following @cnnbrk block them in protest of their horribly disgusting, biased “journalism” displayed today!”

Also a good idea! So teabags to;

One CNN Center

PO BOX 105366 Atlanta, GA 30348

And if you really don’t need the LNN Bias in your Twitter friends, unfollow and/or block http://twitter.com/cnnbrk.

So much fun being a right-wing extremist these days.