Bill Press Smells a Rat? Maybe it’s him?

If all our Tea Party protests are paid for by big organizations like Freedom Works, where exactly am I supposed to submit my invoices?

Let’s see, gas to and from the various protests, countless hours on the phone. What’s my time worth, Bill?

I’m just going to put this out there, if anyone is getting their various websites paid for, (domain names, server hosting, etc.) speak up!

It’s amazing how well these events were put together, with signs cleverly printed to look like they were done by hand, people from all walks of life and from all races. Outdoing even Acorn!

Press goes on to ask “Where were all these protests when George Bush gave us the biggest federal budgets and the biggest deficits ever?”

I’ll tell you, Bill, we were making phone calls to congress people informing them that we were upset by liberal policies from a supposedly conservative President like Prescription Drug programs that we couldn’t afford while we were at war. Amnesty disguised as Immigration Reform pushed by both sides got our dander up too, remember that, Bill?

While your Code Pink ninjas were protesting our people in the military, while you were camped out in Crawford with Cindy Sheehan, we were writing, calling, and grumbling. Now it’s boiled over, we’ve had it, Bill. Guess not you though, eh?

Your man Obama promised “Change”, didn’t he Bill? This is “Change You Can Believe In”? Increasing the budget deficit while still basically in two wars, continued tossing bailout money by the bucket, “Stimulus” for Democrat voter action groups like Acorn, cutting missile defense while North Korea lobs missiles over Japan toward the US. Are you nuts? You’re not outraged? You haven’t had enough yet?

You go on to say you were out there protesting the Iraq War? So why are you not protesting the war today, Bill? Is it because your guy is in charge?

And you have the gall to call us “disingenuous”?

No conspiracy here, Bill, just pissed off people tired of being pissed on, and you are a jerk.