A New Way Forward? Or poseur hosers?


Seems like just yesterday the Teaparty movement was born, and on Feb 27, the first wave hit.

Now the Big One is less than a week away. April 15 will be massive, and the liberals are scared. I’m sure there’ll be some argument from them on this, but if it weren’t true, why go to all the trouble to discredit?

Via Michelle Malkin;

Bob Beckel appeared on Fox News this morning to sneer at the nationwide event. He derided tax revolters in Montana, joking that “It was a good thing it wasn’t a vodka party, because I guarantee you they all had guns.” Bigoted Beltway jerk. Beckel also claimed the Tea Parties were “nothing new” and recycled the debunked Playboy website report (deleted from the site) spreading false and illogical rumors that the grass-roots movement is directed from the GOP, national tax groups, and CNBC.

Oh, they wish. The truth is that thousands of people across the country who have never participated in local activism before have driven this phenomenon which started well before Rick Santelli’s now-famous rant. Without the legions of folks who are involved with TCOT Report, DontGoMovement, and Smart Girl Politics, this phenomenon wouldn’t exist. Untold numbers of protesters are as sick of GOP capitulation and Beltway Republican cravenness as they are of Democrat wealth redistributionism. The left-wing conspiracy theorists give Beltway GOP swamp creatures far too much credit. They couldn’t have pulled off hundreds of protests over the past month and hundreds more to come if they tried. There are individual fiscal conservatives in Washington who have carried the torch. But tax protesters have been very vocal that the Republican party establishment is in so many ways a part of the problem, not the solution.

Read her entire post when you get a few minutes, but first check this out, it may be appearing at a Teaparty near you;

Sabotage moonbat moves to undercut America’s 2,000 plus Tea Parties has bypassed sneaky for sinister.

“Just this morning, I received word that a new radical organization calling itself “A New Way Forward” has put together an underhanded sneak attack designed to undercut the popular uprising known as the Tea Party Movement,” Bill Wilson, of Americans for Limited Government (ALG), warned mainstreet Americans yesterday.

“Simply put, their idea is to stage phony rallies throughout the country on April 11–made to look like they are part of the Tea Party movement–while actually opposing Tea Party principles and supporting the complete government takeover of our banking system.”

The Way Forward was supposedly created by “…an Obama activist named Michael Lux,” says Wilson.  “Lest anyone try to tell you that Mr. Lux is sincere in saying he wants to “help rebuild the banking system”, don’t you believe it for one single second.  Before starting up his new Obama front group, Lux was a high-paid lobbyist for the AFL-CIO, a top executive for the leftwing People for the American Way, and a special assistant at the Clinton White House.”

All this Michael Lux takes specific pains to deny, posting at Huffpo;

The only problem? Well, I had nothing to do with starting, or organizing, or otherwise “conjuring up” A New Way Forward. ANWF was started by grassroots activists with no money and no backing from organizations in DC. I heard about it several days after they got it started, and then kept hearing people buzzing about it. I was so impressed with what they had been able to put together, and with their policy ideas, that I just called up the number on their website and asked how I could help, and ever since have gotten more and more involved.

I really wish I could claim credit for it, because this kind of organizing is an admirable and smart way to take on this fundamental issue of what to do on to fix the broken banking system.

Heh. Goes on to bash all the moms and dads who have to take off from work to protest, unlike his pals at Acorn, we don’t get paid to protest;

I guess facts have never been all that important to right wingers like the folks who put out this story, and I do appreciate the mention — I really do. But your lame tea party movement has already been exposed as a sham, guys, so no need to get so worked up about A New Way Forward eclipsing you: it’s already happened.

So we should take this guy seriously when he makes the claim “his” group will eclipse the national Teaparty movement?

Anybody hear Olbermonster talking about an appearance at “his” rallies? Thought not.

Michelle sums it all up quite nicely;

You can already guess how the national media will treat the two competing demonstrations. Tens of thousands of tax revolters = radio silence. A few dozen ACORN/ANSWER stragglers in front of any given bank = front page news.

No matter.

Get out there. Mobilize. Put your local and state officials and your members of Congress on notice.

They’re your true audience. Not the MSM.

At least when you go out on the 11th or the 15th, you’ll be the genuine ones, not a sad group of imitators cashing in.