How big an idiot is Matthews?

About this big?

Via Powerline Blogs, former President Bush Ari Fleischer was invited onto Hard-Boiled by Chrissie “Tingly” Matthews, who as the interview opens tries to pretend Fleischer asked to be there. Matthews, asking; “Why are you here?” Fleischer reminds Matthews “…you invited me.”

Lil’ Chrissie goes on asking questions, and attempting to interrupt the answers, finally saying “I’m happy we no longer have an administration… [that takes preemptive action against threats to our existence] The American people are happier too.”

Matthews asserts that Fleischer has acknowledged the Bush administration made a dishonest case for deposing Saddam Hussein. Among the highlights of the interview are Fleischer’s response to this assertion: “What’s really troublesome is why you would twist my words…When I said we were wrong, you said I acknowledged we were dishonest…Chris, that reveals a lot about you…when you can twist people’s words like that.”

The old “we were wrong” becoming “you lied”.

Yes, this Chris Matthews