California turns Pink. Ick

More stupid Union tricks

The California Teachers Union announced to the world that Friday March 13 would be “Pink Friday”, a day to protest proposed budget cuts and “Teacher Layoffs” state wide.

Want gall? The kids, instead of being in school, are invited to join the fun! Those who actually do remain in class are reminded to wear pink to school. Not my kid you weasels!

Saw the story in the local fish wrap and posted to following in the Comments section. Just hitting F5 and waiting for the union hacks to appear.

Ok, this is getting old. The Union says “Jump” and we ask “How high?”

You people demonstrating do realize the pot of money is shrinking? It’s been in the news lately.

Govt. in California is so full of it, and it’s the same every time.

Budgets cuts announced. Sheriff says he’s going to release “dangerous prisoners” into the city streets. BAM, more money.

Budget cuts announced. School districts say they’re laying off teachers. Children will be wandering unsupervised in the streets. BAM, more money.

Well that worked in the past folks, when California had credit and could borrow pretty much without limit, but those days are gone.

The Democrats “new” solution? Raise taxes on “The Rich”. But guess what folks? “The Rich” are leaving California in droves and taking the jobs they created with them. The days are numbered as long as this garbage doesn’t change.

Since you all jump at the Unions, how about taking a message back to those clowns?

Find REAL solutions! Teachers who see waste, fraud or abuse (and NONE of you can tell me you haven’t seen SOMETHING somewhere), you need to report it to the Grand Jury until they come up with some Abuse Tip line that has teeth.

Same with every other Dept in the county.

Cut The Waste people! Agree in advance to pay cuts like everybody else is having to.

All the pink in the world won’t bring us back into the black, and protesting won’t create enough jobs to tax.