Looking for Tax Protest or Tea Party coverage in the LA Times? Don’t bother

8,000 angry anti-tax protesters don’t rate the same coverage…

…as “Hundreds of Vietnamese Americans demonstrated Saturday outside a provocative art exhibit in Santa Ana that had featured Communist symbols that protesters claimed mocked their painful experiences as political refugees.”


Not even “About 100 demonstrate outside Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, upset that the pastor opposed to gay marriage was chosen by Obama to give the invocation.”

How about “More than 200 people armed with picket signs Thursday afternoon chanted in protest of the planned closure of a Woodland Hills hospital and nursing home owned by the Motion Picture & Television Fund.”

The small amount of coverage the LA Times did grant the protest is laughable;

Anger over new taxes boils over

10:37 AM | March 8, 2009

Call it the Fullerton Tea Party. Or maybe a radio stunt. But it’s clear there is some anger out there over the state tax hikes in the new California budget, and many gathered to fume Saturday in Fullerton. From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Droves of angry taxpayers gathered Saturday to protest tax increases in the recently approved state budget and to rally for the recall of Republicans who supported the increases — or didn’t do enough to stop them. Tax Revolt 2009 was hosted by KFI-AM talk-show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou in a parking lot behind the Slidebar Cafe in Fullerton. They support recall efforts against Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Claremont; state Sen. Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria; and Assemblyman Jeff Miller, R-Corona.

— Shelby Grad

Check out the Comments section for some reader’s opinions.

Of course the Orange County Register did cover the event more fully, but you’d expect that as Fullerton where the protest took place is in Orange County.

But after angry readers emailed the LA Times asking “Why the lack of coverage?” , here’s the response posted on the KFI Radio “John and Ken” page;

—– Original Message —–

From: Lauter, David ([email protected])

Sent: 3/8/2009 5:04:50 PM

Subject: RE: FULLERTON RALLY March 7 vs Swedish Rally

Dear Ms. Gerlinger,

Thanks for writing. I agree that the tax issue is extremely important, and we intend to cover all sides in the campaign between now and the election on May 19 over whether to approve the budget measures placed on the ballot by the Legislature. We’ve already written several stories about the campaign, including the opposition to the ballot measures, and our coverage will increase as the election gets closer. If recall efforts are mounted against members of the Legislature or the governor, we’ll cover those, too. But while the issues involved are important, rallies by themselves are seldom newsworthy. In an area the size of southern California , there’s a rally, demonstration or march practically every week somewhere, particularly when a political campaign is under way. We’ll make sure that all sides in the debate get covered fairly, but I think there are better ways to do that than by covering promotional events for radio personalities.


David Lauter

California Editor

Yeah David, I’ve already looked at what you at the Times deems “newsworthy” in terms of protests.

Read the LA Times for free online, don’t click on the ads. If they can’t tell the difference at the Times between angry taxpayers and radio promotional events, their fish wrap isn’t even fit for the bird cage.

And yeah, this is kind of a Dog Bites Man post considering the well established lofty leftyness of the LA Times (Slimes), but I won’t miss a chance anymore than they will.