California up in arms! Finally we're paying attention

Suddenly American Idol is less important, or because football season is over, or…Maybe they finally really hit the wall?

After recently passing the largest tax increase in state history, people in California are finally waking up to what it is exactly the legislature did to us here.

The LA Flagship station for Rush Limbaugh, KFI AM 640, held an event in the Orange County city of Fullerton that I actually took a day off from work to attend.

Led by the afternoon drive crew John and Ken, they led the crowd in railing against Republicans who folded during the final tax vote.

I drove over two hours from Ventura County through LA County traffic to Fullerton for this, circled the event for another half hour, and finally gave up and paid some valet parking company $10. But it was worth it seeing the diverse (hate that word) group that attended.

There were Arnold Videos to crush

Crayons for Budget Analysis

Even an anti-union sign I liked but nobody would claim


And Pirates

More pictures are here.

What the John and Ken crew don’t realize, is it’s really not the outnumbered Republicans in California who are to blame here. The cry of “Impeach all the Republicans!” rings hollow when you consider the California GOP has borne the brunt of all the pressure from all sides in this, while no phone campaigns were ever (to my knowledge) launched to counter the Democrats Bass and Steinberg in their “no other option but new taxes” rhetoric. None.

The expectation that John and Ken seem to have is that Democrats are largely blameless as they were honest up front that they wanted new taxes, while all but one Republican signed a “No New Tax” pledge put forward by Americans for Tax Reform, therefore all three signers should all be tossed out of office. I agree with the second premise, but not the first.

To complicate things further, one California Republican, in an apparent attempt to deflect blame from himself, implicates the entire California Republican caucus with one idiotic interview. Great job Anthony Adams, you caused a rift between the Cal GOP and California conservatives that will be difficult to heal.

You sir are an idiot, and get the “Tar and Feather” seal.

John and Ken, as I’ve said elsewhere, are despite all they say to the contrary in it for ratings. Is that a shock to some? Radio is a business, and LA is the second largest market nationally after New York City, while afternoon drive is probably the most listened to on AM.

Don’t exactly want to follow everything John and Ken say to the letter, as I’ve also said, they are “Useful Idiots” with a huge transmitter (50,000 watts). Transmission power and having Rush in the lineup doesn’t make them right always. When I see them take an unpopular position, I’ll be convinced. Ever see them rail against Obama with the huge hypocrisy and spending we’re battling today? No, and you won’t, as long as Obama holds his current high poll numbers.

People make the event, and the event Saturday had a lot of fun. Was anything accomplished? We’ll see. More event coverage here and at Policical Vindication.