California Republicans have some ‘Splainin’ To Do

Bad enough three RINOs, but everybody in the party?

Recently the California budget battle which started with Democrats trying to push an unconstitutional tax increase, had everybody in suspense as several in the caucus appeared ready to cave, and finally did end when three in the Republican Assembly did in fact cave and give the Democrats a win and the biggest budget increase in the state’s history.

Three RINO Republicans, sound familiar?

Now one of the three RINOs comes out on a local public radio station in his area and throws the whole caucus under the bus with an interview where he claims “everybody knew” and “supported his effort” in the Republican caucus.

If in fact what he says is true, it’s probably because the Republican minority was losing the media battle as the Democrat “victim parade” was already starting on the nightly news and the GOP was already being called “obstructionists” because of their standing firm against tax increases on already strapped Californians. What isn’t said in the media of course is that the fight starts all over again in July, and some political capital will be needed at that time.

If what he says is false, he’s worse than despicable and the spawn of all that is evil, unholy, and awful in this party, and he needs to be tossed overboard.

Either way, he should’ve kept his trap shut, as he’s subject of a recall effort and politically was finished in this state.