Local GOP Reborn!

Can you say “halleluiah”?

Not too long ago I went looking for information on our local Ventura County GOP home page, and was surprised to find a site that had gone largely unedited for nearly a year. I was depressed and wrote about it, then went looking for answers.

I received a quick response, and left assured things were indeed happening.

Life goes on, I attended a meeting where I met everybody who was anybody, and was excited about the future of the local chapter.

I noticed a tweet from our own local Gregory (@Flap) Cole about a new Twitter account opened by our local chapter;

@venturaGOP Congrats on joining Twitter.Hey folks give a warm follow welcome to @VenturaGOP Republican Party of Ventura County #tcot #catcot

I thought “cool!” and immediately followed, vowing to go check out the site after coming back from an office visit to the dentist, where I was given a new toothbrush, an “attaboy”, and another appointment in three months.

Coming back home, I went to give the site a look, and was doing back flips when I saw the changes that had taken place since my last look.

First, the old site;

Actually the Facebook link wasn’t there before, this is the oldest cached page I could find, essentially the same though.

Now the new;


Not only has a Facebook linked, but a Twitter feed, an actual blog with a current and future events calendar, an email Action Team, in short a rebirth worthy of the new millennium.

More changes are coming I’m sure but for now I’ve just witnessed the Phoenix come up from the fire, and I for one am happy about it!

Now to draw in the local conservatives.