How else does California waste school tax money? Maybe teaching Spanish to Spanish speaking kids?

A program designed apparently to make the non-English speaking kids, and kids fluent in, ahem, Spanish feel better about themselves, is costing California taxpayers money we were just told we didn’t have.

It’s called the Advanced Placement Program, which is a program that offers college level courses at high schools across the United States and Canada, and is usually much more rigorous than the general course offerings. Great idea for kids skilled in math, science, reading, and writing.

And foreign languages;

A middle school in Southern California is spending $10,000 a year to teach Advanced Placement Spanish to 35 of its 650 students — and all but one of them are already fluent in Spanish.

Thirty-four of the kids in the AP class are from Mexico or are the children of Mexican immigrants. They all grew up speaking Spanish at home.

Read “Illegal Immigrants”.


“Our goal is basically to provide kids with an opportunity to excel and to feel really satisfied about doing the higher level work,” Lemon Grove School District Superintendent Ernie Anastos told FOXNews.com.

He said the AP course goes well beyond the students’ everyday conversational skills. “This is not ordering-at-a-restaurant language. This is taking a graduate course language.”

So it’s all about feelings, not teaching non-English speaking kids the language of success in this state, which is English, by the way.

Another concern is that Advanced Placement classes are weighted — a student’s grade in an AP class is equal to a higher grade in a non-AP class — and a good grade in an AP class impresses college admissions offices.

So it’s also about giving illegal immigrants an edge over US Citizens and Naturalized Americans?

It’s not only a few dollars spent in middle school though. Three high schools in the LA area are also using the idea and tax money to boost the AP scores of Latinos, and this gives them yet another advantage over US Citizens and legal immigrants beside the in-state tuition they already enjoy when heading to college.

Really, taking tax money that is needed elsewhere in our classrooms and using it to teach kids a language they already speak when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger just got through signing a bill that supposedly “cut” education spending by over $8 billion is more waste that the Democrat majority in this state seems to think doesn’t exist in education.

Unless, of course, it’s more about teachers unions in this state and their political power and less about students, then it all makes sense. More Democrats means more power to unions, more minority graduates means more Democrats. Now to just get them to graduate.