Calif legislature goes camping!

How fun! All the legislators drooling on their desks and getting nowhere

At least, getting nowhere is the best case scenario for this state.

Starting another all night session as of 10:00PM, they broke and went to caucus, hopefully meaning the Dems are still a vote short.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento said the chamber will remain in continuous session until it passes the budget plan, which sounds like a hostage crisis. I’m sure he means until they pass his budget plan.

But Arnold was at it again. Making a sweetheart deal with the state’s largest union, SEIU struck a deal over the weekend between Ah-nold and the union hacks which effectively exempts the members from the layoff threats.

“They may get a job that’s different than the one they have now, but they will still have jobs as opposed to some people who get these notices,” said Lynelle Jolley, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Personnel Administration.

Since the whole tax package being negotiated in the marathon session seems more about union appeasement anyway there shouldn’t be too much griping from the California Teachers Union Association. Heh. Until they get their notices that is. Arnold made yet another stupid move with that deal.

As of almost 11:00PM, they still hadn’t come back to the chamber, their information website offering streaming video The California Channel was still unable to keep up with the demand and leaving most of us in the dark. We were keeping up via FaceBook and Twitter updates, and digging for more info.

One thing passed around was this handy calculator from the Sacbee which under the current plan shows California residents exactly how screwed we are individually if this passes.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (@chuckdevore) at this moment is sneaking into the senate chamber to see what if anything there is to see, myself I am going to rock the sheets.