Heads on a Stick!

Some Ca GOP Senators are aware of their endangered status

Cal Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) is in the bulls eye of both Senate majority leader Darryl Steinburg and the more conservative Californians, both trying to sway Maldonado to vote either Yes or No on the massive tax increases.

In this picture Steinburg is trying to convince Maldonado (R) and Senator Dave Cox (R-District 1) that higher taxes are better for California than cuts, offshore drilling, and making real cuts instead of reductions in increases. I posted this same picture in my blog yesterday, but never noticed the detail.

Sen Cox, Steinburg and Maldonado

Now look closely, as Steinburg tries to swing their votes, what’s on Maldonado’s computer screen. Look like this picture from KFI radio’s John and Ken Show’s “Heads on a Stick” campaign?

Damn “Right Wing” radio, time to shut it down!